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  • W. Audette - Great for Review

    I've used Quicken for many years now and like most people when I do the same thing over and over have no problem remembing what to do but when that "little" change or something needs to be added I always go back to the book for review and step by step help. Sandberg is brillant in her ability to give step by step directions to help with those not often used steps in Quicken. Well worth the money!

  • Amazon Customer - Best ICD-9-CM coding manual I've ever used

    The spiral binding, use of color in the indexes, good quality paper, and about 30 pages of anatomical drawings are why this code book deserves a 5-point rating.

  • D. H. Martin - Terrible Service

    I received a badly damaged product (on time). The box had many holes in it, and three of the main plastic casing parts of the treadmill were shattered. I called to ask for a replacement. Instead they had me look up the part numbers so that they could ship me the broken parts, so I could fix their treadmill myself (for them). Three weeks later, I still don't have my parts. I asked them to compensate me for the long wait and for the labor it will require for me to install the replacement parts. They told me that the shipping cost for my parts was my compensation. Horrible customer service and I haven't even set one foot on the treadmill. Do not buy from this company. I wish I could give them zero stars.

  • MNMD - Great lightweight stroller

    This is a wonderful, very lightweight, stroller. I have the entire Combi Cosmo system with the car seat and base and it's great that the car seat fits right into the stroller so I don't have to take him out. We had a much older Combi stroller and this one rolls much smoother. I like that the seat reclines so he can sleep. Yes, the shade is small and definitely does not provide much cover, but that's what a hat and blanket are for. We don't tend to carry a whole bunch of stuff with us so the lack of storage space in the stroller is not an issue. The infant foot boot is a nice safety feature as our 5 month old could potentially squirm his way out.