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  • Terrybill - Good addition when moving from 2008 to 2014

    Bought this for the bride and she couldn't be more pleased. Getting questions answered that she wasn't finding in the help file. Seller was great and book was like new

  • Alexander's Mom - OMG formula works fine after stirring...

    I purchased this when I ran out of the Instantly Ageless Facelift in the white bottle. I noticed that there were 3 different packaging styles for the same product and wasn't sure it they were all the same or not. Although I was very satisfied with the white bottle product and it did wonders for my undereye puffiness, unfortunately this "new formula" doesn't seem to do the same job. It's thinner and doesn't diminish the bags nearly as effectively. In fact, I can hardly tell a difference when I use it. With the 'white product" the difference was immediate once it had dried and made my eyes look a lot younger.

  • Maven Shopper - Very Surprised I Like The Flavor

    I am shocked that I find the flavor to be decent. I have a major sweet tooth and thought the taste was going to be awful. I've given up whey protein because I'm trying to see if my acne is triggered by dairy. The whey protein came in all sorts of flavors and I fell in love with some of them. I thought I'd have to jack this powder up with some flavoring in order to get it down, but that's not the case.

  • jayhawkker - I've used this in my 1-acre lot for 4 years. It works.

    Follow the directions so you don't trap snakes IN your yard. THis is very effective. I reapply every 3 months in snake season, and we just don't see them. We did before: at least 2 rattlers a year in the back yard, pls 5-6 others. DO NO HANDLE without gloves. I'm sure it has ground up mothballs in it. The odor goes away after a day or two, esp. after you water.

  • Cats4Brains - I don't have super high arches so I feel there is enough support ...

    I generally think athletic shoes are ugly, but these with their more streamline look are do-able. They are cute and comfy. I don't have super high arches so I feel there is enough support - other folks may want more. The insole is cushiony and although I typically wear a 7.5, I went for the 8 and they fit perfectly. They are a little challenging to get on because the tongue is not loose. They are stretchy so I can deal with that. I think they're great. The real test will be on my vacation coming up.

  • Jasmine Taylor - Worked for me

    I lost 3 pounds in one week and stopped with sodas and sweets and drunk PLENTY of water. No bad side affects either.