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  • Pen Name - Seems like good quality

    Seems like good quality, nice stainless steel finish. The 2 lights are not very bright and are yellow tone. The light color did not look nice with the under cabinet LED lights turned on, which are pure white in color and are very bright. Very powerful fan when on high setting. There is 4 fan speed settings, under normal use # 2 speed seems to be efficient, Maybe #3 speed if really needed. At the highest setting of #4 is really strong and loud, there is even a noticeable turbulence / echoing effect when on the highest setting. The highest setting is probably too powerful for my size kitchen and duct size.

  • TheRealMcCoys - Continuing the story in grand fashion!

    Earth rising, the third in the series, definitely continues the story line in grand fashion! Continue following our reluctant heroes as they, once again, are thrust into the jaws of the "scum". A grand ride spanning 3 books thus far. I'm eagerly awaiting book 4!

  • Joseph McCormack - Nice Lightweight Pedals

    Nice lightweight pedals that seem to be very durable. Easy installation took about 5 minutes and ready to ride. I was a little disappointed they don't have reflectors. I received these at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • KATHY - Hair headlines

    This product puts shine in my dry hair, and adds some volume too. I would recommend this to anyone with thinning hair.

  • Brenton R. Grant III - Very versatile

    I haven't been able to use ours yet. Once my wife found out about the rechargable rabbit attachment in the knife, I haven't seen either one for a week.

  • Adrian Berger - The Birthplace of a Legendary Group and Sound...

    Massive Attacks first album is one that has as much meaning, intrigue and depth now, that it did 10 years ago. Its amazing to think that they compiled such an audaciously new and different sound so long ago. They have since added to their deserved reputation with Protection and Mezzanine (both awesome).

  • catbutler - Don't Buy This if You Value Your Time

    I'm probably average, maybe even well above, in my computer skills. It took 2 1/2 hours, two calls to Mumbai, and numerous restarts to load this on my Vista OS computer. While the quick start guide says you have to remove 3rd party antivirus software, it doesn't tell you it's necessary to remove Kas. IS 2013 nor that you have to obtain a download from Kaspersky to successfully do that. Mumbai sends you an email link for info on the latter but I had to call Mumbai again to find the unintuitve link to the download (but there were other direct links to unrelated software in that info page). The software may do what it's supposed to, but with so many glitches in loading it I'm not very confident in their engineers.