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  • David C. Evertsen - All I can say is WOW!!

    This is the perfect playset, I can't wait till it comes back in stock. I am also ordering the 4 additional security screeners standing around to make it 100% authentic.. Thanks PlayMobil

  • Amazon Customer - BUY THE BOOK

    I bought this for my daughter who felt that the product would have been better if it were interactive or in book form.

  • MaryH - Really Works

    I have several rescue dogs who were abused and neglected and who are scared of many things. I bought this in particular for a puppy mill mama who was terrified of thunderstorms. She has worn this maybe 3 or 4 times, and the last time we had a thunderstorm, she did not even need it. I am about to try it on an 8 year old dog who has spent her life in a cage and is afraid to even go in the back yard alone. I have read about swaddling in the past for humans and dogs. I don't really understand why it works, but it does.

  • Cassie - My favorite!

    Ahhhh Tempered Glass....it truly the best type of screen protection for our electronics. Now this one comes with guiding tabs that are helpful. This is not a 30 second install.....it takes patience and it is a little difficult but I think if it was super easy it wouldn't fit right. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. There are no bubbles and no fingerprints! Now with the natural oils from our fingers, along with children's sticky fingers I would recommend wiping off with a clean dry SOFT cloth every so often. I see some reviews complaining about the shine on it...this is normal and a small price to pay for having an unbroken screen.

  • Books&MovieLover - Chlorine Tabs

    The tabs are individually wrapped, which is a huge +++++ for me. Most buckets just have the tabs thrown in and they break as the bucket is moved/banged around. But having individually wrapped tablets, it saves the consumer from having to handle the chemical directly and somewhat keeps the tabs in tact.

  • California Sun - Waste of money and time

    Expensive and useless -- tried to fix a charger cable, glasses stem -- melts on your fingers, not on repaired object. Takes an eternity to harden and then breaks right off, leaving your fingers filthy.

  • Tommy of Richmond - Waiting for spring

    STILL waiting for spring to see the dormant seeds come out, but so far, so good. Had many sprouts in bare spots that never grew grass well around shady areas before winter stuck. If I have good grass pop up in spring time then it will be two thumbs up on J G.