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  • Chris Hughes - Don't waste your time or money on these

    Junk! Don't waste your time or money on these. Attempted to pair with 3 devices (LG G3, Samsung Note 5, & Samsung Gear Fit 2) but the earbuds were apparently defective. Beware all the 5-star reviews as many of them were given after receiving the product for free.

  • scotty-48 - Awesome Additive !

    I have been using Seafoam in All of my vehicles and equipment for over 40 years . I met the man who originally formulated Seafoam , he was from the Minneapols area ...He brewed this stuff in his

  • Loren Morris - Best getting out of debt book I've Found

    I have read many a getting out of debt book. Most mention reducing your lifestyle considerably until your debts are paid off, including selling many things you may enjoy having, but that can be extremely unpleasant or difficult to most people. This book recommends finding something you love and finding ways to save money in your budget to create a "debt destroyer" and using this "debt destroyer" money every month to speed up paying off your debt. This allows you to adjust your lifestyle as much as you are comfortable without having to reduce your lifestyle to bare minimum. The technique taught in this book can be difficult at times and may take a bit longer to get out of debt than other books, but you still become debt free, and your lifestyle is not destroyed with the debt.

  • CrazyCurls11 - Too cute!

    I just love the World's Best Father so what could be better than 12 months worth of his hilarious pictures? :D

  • Deniecy - A little disappionted.

    Book came in good condition, but nine out of thirty one chapters was already done by the previous owner and done in pen not pencil, so at least i could have erased it. Of course I didnt expect it to be perfect because it was a used book, and price was great. But omg.

  • Amazon Customer - IT WORKED!!!

    Didn't buy the product through here, went to a local smoke shop to get it but wanted to write a review for all that have doubts. I'm a heavy, daily smoker and stopped smoking on Monday morning to take test that Wednesday. Took the precleanse (6 pills in a packet, you have to do 6 pills each day, two days prior to testing and drink plenty of water) and the day of the test drank 20 Oz of water every two hours before taking the xxtra clean, drank the extra clean, waited 15 minutes, filled the bottle with water and drank it. Pee 3 Or more times after that prior to testing and keep drinking 20 Oz of water every two hours after that. I also took two Azo cranberry pills the morning of the test. It is essential that the actual test is done within 2-3 hours after drinking the xxtra clean for optimal results. It worked for me, follow the instructions and it will most likely work for you too. P. S. This product is best for people that weigh more than 200lbs.