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  • bman - General overview of everything

    This book is a decent general overview of everything needed for the test. It has sections for each part of the new test. In my opinion it is lacking a bit in the math section. I wouldn't use this book solely but it does get the job done if you want a general overview in everything.

  • K. Morris - Not just for babies...

    We don't have babies in the house anymore, but we like to use this as body wash. It's gentle and non-irritating to our adult sensitive skin, and we even take it with us when we travel. The scent is light, and not noticeable after showering. I normally cannot use scented products due to my sensitive skin, but this product is gentle enough even for me!

  • Lisa Van Curen - Absolutely the worst - deserves zero stars

    The app freezes my Kindle Fire HD and the recent rewrite is slow, cumbersome and not visually appealing, The print now comes in three sizes and when you can actually get the largest size (note that you have to do this on every article in the magazine....) it is still very small. I expect more from the New Yorker.

  • SABW - Not too exciting

    At the end, cute set....but some days were not very exciting for an 8 year old girl. She isn't so girly anymore so I opted for this set as it is a little more grown up.....but I think this City set is really geared more for boys. One day she got 4 tires - there were other days like too. Wish it were more of a Christmas theme - as some of the things just don't seem relevant to Christmas at all. Agree with other reviewers - wish the pics of all the stuff inside were not on the box......especially when the child sees a santa which doesn't come out until the last day - makes the 4 tire day a long one!

  • Amazing Customer - A digital version of the whole dead tree editiion

    There's a free trial, just take a look at it. It's a high quality "scan" (straight digital print really) of the paper version. No useless movies or clutter. A jump-to index might have been nice like some other magazines have, but this is a solid choice. I actually went for this rather than the dead tree version.

  • Diane Dennis - Pass it by; this 'flea and tick control' is *not* worth it and your animal will suffer that much longer!

    This stuff did absolutely *nothing* to the fleas. I have since read that today's fleas have become immune to the 'natural' stuff. It says to lightly spray the cat with the smaller bottle but mine was having nothing to do with the 'mist' or the smell (she absolutely *hates* the smell). She even runs if she sees a spray bottle now lol (she's a pretty darn smart cat). My little girl was so incredibly miserable, she scratched herself to the point of having to eventually be put onto an antibiotic because she had so many sores. Anyhow, after struggling through trying this stuff (and other products) I finally ended up with Advantix II (or Advantage II - I can't ever remember what it is) at the suggestion of the vet and as much as I hate to put the poison on her it was truly the lesser of two evils. We've never had fleas. We moved to an apartment from a house and this past summer was our first summer in the apartment. The vet said that's where she got her fleas. Ugh it was *awful*!!! When all is said and done - don't waste your time or your money on this.