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  • David S. - Still riddled with innaccuracies on our local roads. Can't be trusted.

    I didn't get this at Amazon, Microsoft offered me a discounted upgrade ($15) on the version I got here. All the intricacies that were in the 2011 version are still there.

  • AnnetteP - Try it, it works!

    Finally, something that works! I have purchased quite a few different products over the years to catch hair in the tub/shower drain, and none of them actually worked. There was always a flaw in the design that kept the product from working. I have thrown lots of money "down the drain". We live in an old home, and we really can't risk putting anything down the drain that might eat at the pipes. I saw this on Amazon, and while I thought "This probably doesn't work either", I took the chance. I am just amazed at how well it works. After the first shower I took after I had installed it, I pulled it out, and there was a lot of hair wrapped around the base of it. It's really easy to clean--I just grabbed a Kleenex and wiped it off, then put the Shroom right back in. It just sits in the drain opening. We have a pop up type thing, so we had to take that out, which was easy; it just screws in and out. We very rarely take baths, so it's not an issue for us. I figure if someone wants to take a bath, they can just screw that back in, or I could buy a rubber stopper. I'm very happy with this product, and I really recommend it.