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  • Ron Miller - Creativity comes on a CD. Hallmark cards created for 0 Dollars!

    Great program for making greeting cards, designing newsletters, decorating envelopes for Christmas and special occasions. This program does it all! Let your creative self bloom with colors, pictures, and lots of fonts! No more card store purchases of those $4.99 greeting cards, make and decorate your own. Show your love.

  • Greg Becker - Great easy to use kit

    I bought one from Best Buy and the pocket was so small, I couldn't get my hand in it if something were to be in the back of the pocket. Bought this one at Amazon and loved it. Pocket size is decent. Easy to install and blended nicely in a 2004 Escape. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to use the back support bracket. I eliminated it, and the radio seems to fit nicely and not move around, so I guess it is okay to eliminate.

  • Isaiah - Very Comfortable

    It fits pretty well and really softens the feel of my shots and makes them more comfortable without taking away power. It has fallen off more than I expected but that's usually when I mis hit the ball right where the dampener is. Overall it's been great and I recommend it. Used on a babolat aero pro drive gt.

  • DeedleJean - Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit

    Instruction for Goal Zero Guide Adventure Kit was vague on how to set up, which cable to use for solar charge. After looking at sockets, easy to figure out. After charging for appropriate time, charged up cell phone using MY USB cables and it charged faster then I thought. Also used batteries in portable speakers. Great gift for the holidays, I'm going to buy some for my kids, and more batteries for me. Now waiting for the Goal Zero Escape 150 Power Pack and Lanterns for camping, looking forward to using. Thanks Goal Zero for a Great Product.

  • Amazon Customer - I liked this book

    I liked this book. It presents the case for a counterintuitive treatment in a clear, organized, and comprehensive manner. I have no clue if it works, or not. But it is worth a try in a world where PPI's are now OTC, and often handed out like candy. I would also like to add, if you are having problems with GERD, you really need to be scoped. Many things could be causing this problem that need to be ruled out, and could be corrected mechanically at the time of the scope, or by relatively minor surgery later on.

  • Mystery Lover in Richmond - No Windows 7 support planned

    I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 64bit and the GPS is not recognized when I plug it into the USB port. After not finding a Windows 7 driver on the Delorme site, I emailed them asking about the availability of a Windows 7 driver, and got the following response:

  • Amazon Customer - great eye cream

    For some reason, I never expect much from Baebody products. Every time I try them out I am always blown away by how well they work. This eye cream works great. I am impressed that this contains hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl 3000, Vitamin E, MSM, and Plant Stem Cells. I use this morning and night. It absorbs quickly and I am able to apply make-up over this effortlessly. My dark eye circles have have dramatically lightened and seem smoother.