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  • Toni Daley - 2012 Holiday Doll

    My daughter loves this doll. The colour of the gown is absolutely beautiful. She placed it on her dresser with all her other collector holiday barbies. Its lovely.

  • GoshenDave - "Forget" is the operative word

    Like many, I read the wonderful reviews on Amazon before making the purchase. I first heard this product touted on a home improvement radio show in Spring 2014.....the host was very enthusiastic about it. I can't help but wonder if he objectively tried it, got "ahead of himself," or if he received compensation from the manufacturer. If the latter, he should have disclosed it. Theoretically, I could have also received a defective batch, but that would mean the manufacturer does not have adequate quality controls. I applied the product 2.5 months ago strictly according to directions (May 26, 2014) and it did nothing on dark mildew stains on the deck, siding, downspouts and gutters, but it seems to have helped a little (very little) with algae. Even if it had worked, it is doubtful I would use it in the future. Assuming it had worked as advertised, it takes a long time for the stains to disappear. Therefore, you still have the poor cosmetic appearance to contend with until the product supposedly works with time/weather/rain to aid it. I cannot recommend. I will go back to how I used to handle these stains......diluted solution of regular household bleach....economical and fast results.

  • Moises R. - Looks softer than it is

    The product looks a lot more softer than it is. I thought it would be like having my hand in a pillow, but it feels as if I had my hand on top of my leg. It's hard, but with a soft cover.

  • Susan Qualls - Loved it!

    I love second chance books. And I did not have a clue who the murder was till almost the end. I had my suspect picked out finally and I was right. Any how I loved Luke and Hayley. I voluntarily read a copy of this book for a honest review. I honestly loved it. SQ