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LeerBIM - Een Blog over BIM voor Studenten. Leer wat het Bouw Informatie Model inhoud. Daarnaast veel nieuws en definities over management, modelleren & Innovaties.

  • http://leerbim.nl/definities/ Definities uitgelegd | LeerBIM - Definities BIM uitgelegd, eenvoudig vertaald wat Bouw Informatie Management, Modelleren of Model inhoud.
  • http://leerbim.nl/studenten/ Studenten | LeerBIM - Leer alles over BIM, speciaal voor studenten in Civiele Techniek en Bouwkunde! Video over de toekomst van BIM.
  • http://leerbim.nl/over-mij/ Over mij | LeerBIM - Over Jan Willem Kattouw, oprichter van LeerBIM.nl. Achtergrond, studie en doel van het blog. Schrijf ook mee op dit blog!
  • http://leerbim.nl/lake-constance-2013/ Lake Constance 5D-Conference 2013, de ervaringen over BIM wereldwijd - Een samenvatting van het bezoek aan Lake Constance 5D-Conference 2013. Alles over de huidige ontwikkelingen in BIM.
  • http://leerbim.nl/virtueel-bouwen-en-gaming-combineren/ Doe het zelf: Van een Revit model naar een Game | LeerBIM - Combineren van BIM en game-eigenschappen maakt het virtueel bouwwerk nog realistischer en creëert voordelen.
  • http://leerbim.nl/bim-verplicht-voor-dbm-dbfmo-contracten/ BIM, DBMFO, DBM, BouwInfoNorm, Aannemers, Rijksgebrouwendienst - De overheid, Rijksgebrouwendienst stelt BIM verplicht voor DBMFO & DBM contracten. Aannemers moeten over op het gebruik van Bouw informatie model.
  • http://leerbim.nl/wat-is-bim/ Definitie, BIM, Bouw, Informatie, Model, Uitleg, Begrip, Video - Wat is BIM? Informatie video over de definitie duidelijke uitleg voor beginners en gevorderde. Begrip BIM duidelijk en eenvoudig vertaald.

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  • terster - Much better than previous versions

    We absolutely hated what Microsoft did with office 2007. The learning curve was so high and even today... still hate it. Then Office 2010 came out and it was a step in the right direction but again, still hard to find things. Whomever their experts are that says that the RIBBONS are awesome... must have been power users and not the average person. Now we have Office 2013 and Office 365 which are basically the same thing, minor differences.

  • Wendy - Loved it then, and still love it now!

    Best phone case ever. I originally tried this with my 6 plus but I recently upgraded to the 7 plus. I don't carry around a purse, let alone an actual wallet, so it definitely comes in handy. I love how I could fit up to about 4 cards. And it's quite sturdy. Definitely recommend this!

  • Tea Moseley - ELLE

    I am not fashion savvy, but I can flip through the pages of this magazine and pick up some clothes matching ideas for the fall season. Try it for yourself, you can come up with ideas for several different age groups. Buy it!

  • Amazon Customer - Great value

    Always order these cartridges for our small business, much cheaper than the large retail stores! Just as effective!

  • Lori Smith - Excellent headset for the money

    I initially gave this headset only one star because the software was incompatible with Windows 10 and came away frustrated looking for an update. If you have the same issue, check the question/answer section on this page that the seller provided for a direct link for the Windows 10 update. It works, the headset all around quality is fantastic, especially for the price, so my rating of this deal jumped up to a five.

  • nico k - all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions

    I had never had PMS until after my kids were born, and coupled with stress and a very heavy flow I was barely holding it together. I had very intense symptoms of PMDD and then my period was late or lasting for weeks or months at a time. I went to 4 different GYNs and was finally diagnosed (tentatively) with adenomyosis. A full hysterectomy was on the books when I googled and discovered that a vitamin K deficiency could be at play. I began taking Slow Flow and Women's Phase I; all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions. Well, I slacked on the Phase I and the PMDD came back with a vengeance. Just repurchased and am hoping it brings things back to normal. (I will update!) There is a ton of discussion around the internet about mineral deficiencies and PMS/PMD/dysmenorrhea. I just wish the medical community was more aware of it. It would've saved me thousands of dollars!!!

  • Cindy - Five stars aren't enough

    This book is another amazing tale of how love truly conquers all, and that karma is so awesome. This series is just incredible and I love Dare even more than Landon LOL.