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  • Matthew Dansereau - I like all the sockets BUT I opened the case upside-down ...

    I like all the sockets BUT I opened the case upside-down and all of them fell out of their holder (so basically you need to put this kit face up because none of these clip in. Second annoyance is there are no labels for each socket so if you ever do what I did you basically have to line them up by size and then put them back into the kit. (Don't take my word for it just click on the picture of the kit and zoom in).

  • J. C. - Amazing!

    Excellent product - saw results within a week of using. Diminished dark spots and made my skin glow. Scent is tolerable and goes away immediately. I have very sensitive skin and did not have a reaction. Definitely worth the cost!

  • Trish - Great fit & value

    These fit my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee perfectly! Install was simple (hubby is a pilot so he didn't even look at the directions...they are kinda a joke anyways) & I hear no noticeable wind noise. Another review gave very detailed install directions. I would recommend following those & tossing the directions that comes with it. Overall, for the money, you will not be disappointed.

  • KD Prime Time - these are real metal and really nice!

    i just got these premium stainless solar lights and i love them. they are made of real metal which is very nice and keeps them strong. the stakes are plastic but still sturdy. they come with the rechargeable batteries and after a full day will shine for a good 6+ hours easily. they are not super bright BUT thats what i wanted. they will light a path just fine as intended and great ambient lighting. they are not overly bright like some others may be. the perfect brightness actually. they are also bigger than i thought as im used to seeing the smaller ones at the bx stores. the tops are about 4" or so around. the light is a cool white not blue but not yellow either almost a true white maybe just a touch more blue than yellow. now you add in the lifetime warranty and you have a great set for life!

  • Stephen J Rakoczy - Works great fort short outages

    Have a place in Florida and we have micro outages that last for a few seconds, but long enough to make my DirectV receiver have to start over. Have my 70" Visio TV, Sonos Blueray and DirectV receiver hooked up to it. When the lights go out for a couple seconds, no interruption at all! I have not had a case where it was out for a long time, but I would guess it would give 10-20 minutes, I just bought it for continuity for micro outages.