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  • J.S. Head - Good stuff

    My six year old liked it. I think it's incredibly stupid you require a certain amount of words for a review. This will be the last one info because of that.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome! Great that you can replace the blades cheaply!

    Works great. I have a shaver from the other maker and was getting tired of paying $3-$4 per razor and have it work for 2-3 shaves before needing replacement. I bought a package of Feather Blades to use. So far extremely happy with my purchase. I see some of the negative comment are about nicks and bleeding. If you have back pimples they will get cut no matter what back razor you use.

  • jimmyfergus - Very good, plenty of room for improvement

    (After a few months with this, I upped the rating to 4* from 3. I like it a lot; not perfect, but a very useful bag)

  • Amazon Customer - I highly recommend this product

    I was very nervous as I noticed a decrease in my milk supply. I took a pill in the evening since my daughter likes to cluster feed and the change was huge. I highly recommend this product. I am not taking the recommended amount. I only feel like I need one or two pills a day just depends on how my daughter is feeding that day. If you need to pump to build your supply definitely could see how the recommended pills/ day would help.

  • Carol Baker - Great support for your aching back!

    I purchased this for my son in law, who was in a car accident in early February. He has been having bad back issues from the wreck and has been attending physical therapy. I saw this and thought, that as busy as he is, he could use the extra support that this might give him. It came in the mail yesterday and he tried it out right away. Working in his garage, on some simple tasks, the lumbar support that this brace provided to him, was a great help and relief. He is a very fit and active person, and this really provided the comfort and extra support that his bad back needed to let him be able to still get some things done. The straps are adjustable and he had no trouble getting a correct fit for his body. The pockets allow him to carry his cell phone and his keys if he needs to go somewhere. No wonder that people who are on their feet all day long wear these back support braces. I am very pleased with how this works for him.