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  • M. Shahar - Not a suspence/thriller, didn't like the ending

    It started out really great and this book seems to have a great potential, but somewhere towards the end, the author loses focus and the plot spirals down, and because in real life we can't always get it, I like my books at least to provide some poetic justice, and this book doesn't satisfy that need. It's an ok book, but nothing more

  • George F. Hawkins - installed easily, works as designed without problems

    Arrived promptly, installed easily, works as designed without problems. I am perfectly happy, and it was much cheaper (half?) than the dealer wanted.

  • HBDave - Run Don't Walk From This Product

    I originally purchase Acronis True Image 2009 a year ago. I lived with all of its bugs up until the last release. I was moving to Windows 7 and determined that Acronis was not going to update True Image 2009 to be compatible and that you were forced to upgrade to True Image 2010. I went ahead and downloaded the True Image 2010 Trial Version. After uninstalling True Image 2009 and installing True Image 2010 I created the Recovery CD. As always the first thing to verify was if the Recovery CD would boot and see all of my drives, etc. I have a RAID 1 configuration and it always worked fine with True Image 2009. When I booted to the True Image 2010 Recovery CD it saw my RAID Volume as two drives versus one logical. I knew this was wrong, so I rebooted from my hard drive. What I got next was that the BCD was corrupted and I was unable to reboot. Fortunately I had a backup image and still had and could use the True Image 2009 Recovery CD. If I didn't have a backup and own the prior version I would have been in big trouble. I was able to recreate this problem multiple times and tried to work with Acronis through their chat line. They never would admit it was a problem and they were reluctant to do anything even thou the problem has been reported numerous times. It appears that their new product has lots of bugs and can be destructive to your system. I would look at alternative products. I'm currently using ShadowProtect by Storage Craft and couldn't be happier.

  • Amazon Customer - Great case! Love the burgundy color

    Great case! Love the burgundy color, and the texture is really nice, almost feels like denim or something. Bought lots of cases for electronic devices, and this has been one of my favorites so far. The slot for the Apple pencil is a perfect touch, keeps it right there where you need it. Would have been a nice touch to add a slot for the pencil charging adapter, but that is a rather small critique to an otherwise great product. Highly recommended!

  • Amazon Customer - Great nights sleep

    In recent months, I have had trouble sleeping. I have tried 3 or 4 different pillows, bot none of them seemed to make any difference. I decided to try this one and it definitely has helped a lot. It's comfortable, durable, and for three straight nights I have slept great.

  • johann julien - 2014 Honda Accord 4DR Sport

    Great product, came sooner than expected. Fit and finish are nice. Love how the rear liner goes or the middle hump in the back seat. Quality is great.