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  • Claudia - Great quality car seat

    We love this car seat! It just fits in our mazda3. It will be an easier fit once he's forward facing. Being able to easily clean is a plus. The baby had no issues adjusting from his infant seat to this car seat

  • Linda Fischer - Made me pretty sick

    After taking this product for several days, I ended up with a serious gastro intestinal reaction which took a week to get over. I called the company and they said I probably was allergic to one of the ingredients. I did find their customer service to be very helpful and received a refund. I'm not saying this product doesn't work, just that I couldn't take it.

  • Kelly Vinson - Perfect replacement without all the cost!

    This filter is great. Simple to install and produces great water in my Frigidaire! I will not be buying the $50 replacement ever again!

  • Mike - It didn't work for me.

    So I got this in the mail to try. There were two sample packets so I decided to do an experiment with them. I used one packet on my feet in an attempt to alleviate diabetic nerve pain. I used the other pack on my right shoulder due to muscle ache. There was no effect on my feet. The burning and pain never went away. I didn't really expect it to do anything but I was hopeful. The 3 star rating doesn't reflect this. The rating is because the muscle ache in my right shoulder didn't subside either. There was no effect at all. I got more from the massage of the shoulder and trapezius muscle than I got from the product. It might work for others but the active ingredient Capsaicin didn't work for me.

  • hbmorgan - Awesome lights

    This is going to be so nice this Christmas! We haven't seen how it looks on the house yet, but we lit it up in my husband's shop and it covered the entire shop from floor to ceiling! Very bright, and beautiful

  • Princemwh - Super Performance Paint

    I was exremely skeptical about this product when I purchased it. Painting a bathtub just didn't seem right. My tub had its old finish peeling off and there were little craps of paint left on the bottom part of the tub. It was a steel tub. IF you follow the instructions, and i mean down to the details, you will not be dissappointed. It left a procelein VERY white finish with zero streaks or marks. Let me say that the paint is high quality and does indeed self level (again only if you follow every instruction). It does have very strong fumes. you will absolutely need a respirator, not a facemask. They are around $25 on Amazon. With a respirator I was not able to smell this paint. You will need to plan on leaving your home for at least two days. We painted the tub on Friday and came back Sunday. You will want to ventilate your home by opening windows and turning on a fan. I have a window in my bathroom and was able to place a fan in the doorway to blow air into the bathroom and then out the window. This significantly reduced the fumes and you could barely smell them in the house two days later. I followed many other reviewers guidance on how to do this and it worked great so I will detail the steps I took below. If you are not willing to put in the time for prepping the tub, this product is not for you. To give you an idea, I spent around 8 hours prepping my tub. I used 4 inch foam rollers from here on Amazon, get a few of them as I had one pull apart on the roller. I also used cheap brushes here on Amazon. Cheap brushes worked just fine without bristles coming off for the edges of the tub. You cannot clean the brushes once this paint gets on them because of the hardener, i bought cheap so i could throw them away with each coat. You will also want a paint tray for each coat. Do not reuse brushes, rollers, or trays on seperate coats because lumps will form from the hardener. Below are the steps I used and got a gorgeous finish: