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  • Anne Compau - MUST HAVE for families.

    I'd don't know where our family would be if not for this book. Son was given the typical "autism" diagnoses by his pediatrician despite me explaining many peculiar instances related to his diet and stomach health. Doctor and two NP's all ignored my concerns so I tool matters into my hands and started researching, not having a clue where to begin. Happened to see this book recommended on Amazon and finally rented it one day and wow the info blew me away. Partly because of the info in this book I arranged for my son to see a holistic pediatrician since his primary REFUSED to do blood or urine work, yes REFUSED. The holistic pediatrician immediately ordered the lab work that showed that YES his stomach was severely damaged and showed many food sensitivities, among many other things. He's now on the path to healing, but I can't help but think where we would be if I had NOT taken a stand and just went along with the good ol' "doctors" guess. Scary country this has become.

  • soler - Really like this. I set a goal to run a ...

    Really like this. I set a goal to run a certain distance in a month. Toward the end, I had 7 days left, and was about 65% done with my goal. I was sore, and decided that I was going to meet my goal, but I would never run again in my life! Some work associates suggested I try a protein shake, and after a couple of days, drinking a shake right after running, I was no longer sore, and was doubling my distance each day. I love running again. This brand, and this flavor, hits the mark for me.