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  • Amee - 77 and going strong!

    My grandmother who is 77 years old has been drinking the Juice Plus Shake mix for ten years at least and taking the capsules for five years is in the most amazing shape. She works in her yard daily and it is beautiful because she is full of energy. That just goes to show what whole food nutition can do for the body. I started taking the capsules about 6 months ago and the shake more recently. The dutch chocolate is so good and it really fills you up. I have been giving my kids the fruit and vegetable gummies which taste awesome as well to help with nutrients they may missing out on. I do have some picky eaters. I would reccomend Juice Plus to everyone and anyone. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about giving your body all it needs to stay free of disease. Amee921.wix.com/wellnessguru

  • Richard Campbell - The Manufacturer, not, Amazon has issues..

    I most likely would like the product, however the company "Ubisoft" will NOT support the product.! I got a bad CABLE, and they WILL NOT REPLACE IT... So I can't use the product, as it is... I have used this product on another persons computer, and it's great, if & when, it works.! This is NOT an issue with Amazon.com, it IS an issue with the Manufacture, UBISOFT...! So NO, I DO NOT RECEMMEND THE PRODUCT, at least NOT until they make it right with ME....!

  • jaime silva bey - yes it have good things but buy teaching to play by tabs memory ...

    for some reason I was expecting something different, I was not expecting a Guitar Hero kind of clone, yes it have good things but buy teaching to play by tabs memory that's not how it should be teached, I was hopping to see scales and notes not just number were the notes are. good for a while but not to be a serious teaching instrument

  • nOeyrOcks - Perfect Color and Shimmer!

    I love NYX Products and have 2 of these lip gloss plumpers. The shine, shimmer and color is perfect and it makes my lips look great! You can wear it alone or over any lipstick color! It has a slight burn to it but that doesn't bother me at all.