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  • DeKraut - It is a book - what else did you expect? :)

    This book has many of the wonderful lesson-teaching fables of Aesop, and I love reading it to my kids. There are tons of great life lessons in these pages, and although the book looks dated (not new style illustrations - which is neither good nor bad), the value of the lessons taught in these fables is important.

  • Office Lady - US Mapping

    I needed a street program to provide an optimized map of the stops that my route for the day showed. This map optimized the stops but it was impossible to map to them on individual pages. There was no way to get individual strip maps with directions to the stops as was available in earlier versions of Street Atlas. Therefore I spent $40 to get nothing. This product is totally useless to me. The write up of the product on the website was totally misleading as I was looking for a program that would provide yearly updates to the streets in the area since Streets and Trips by Microsoft has been discontinued.

  • Deb Granell - Stubby Antenna for Ford Explorer

    Perfect, actually our 2nd one the first one either someone took or it fell off need to make sure it doesn't loosen

  • Bob Johnson - Excellent car seat!

    Super soft and comfortable for baby. Material doesn't seem to get as hot as old car seat. Easy install, but I recommend watching the Car Seat Lady's YouTube video to show you how. Google "Maxi Cosi Pria 70 install video" Seat is super sturdy. I was going to get the Britax Clicktight Blvd, but after seeing it in person it seemed cheaply made in comparison. The seat material is hardly padded, very hard. The head doesn't seem as supportive (my child is 7 months old, so this is a big concern). And the seat has exposed metal areas in the back/seat junction. I love how easy the Maxi Cosi is to adjust the straps and headrest. You simply pull the over behind the headrest and it moves the straps along with the headrest. No more taking the cover off and retreading the straps!

  • coopercrew - Amazing!

    I took this only one day and I ordered more. I took two pills in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 2 pills at bedtime. I did not need to take my normal allergy meds. I normally take 1 Zyrtec in the morning and 2 Benadryl at night.

  • Wonko the Sane - Fantastic

    These illustrated versions of the Harry Potter series are wonderful. The illustrations are fantastic. My wife and son have had a fantastic time reading them together. We plan to buy the rest as soon as they come out.

  • Chris McKee - A must have for anyone interested in stock investing

    I started reading Jason Kelly with his 2012 Edition of this book about a year ago. At that time I had no real experience with investing but wanted to learn. This book was a springboard for me into the world of investing and personal wealth management. Jason does an excellent job in this book explaining theories and concepts that can be very difficult in a simplified and easy to understand way. I wish my college finance & accounting professors were as skilled as Jason.