Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturers in Mumbai, India - Marksans Pharma - Indian Pharmaceutical Company who are into Pharmaceutical Drug Formulation manufacturing, Development and marketing of finished dosage.

  • Pharmaceutical Formulations and prescription drug manufacturers - Marksans Pharma, leading pharmaceutical formulation and prescription drug manufacturing company in Mumbai and engaged in formulation development R&D, CRAMS to global pharmaceutical companies.
  • From Chairman's Desk - About Pharmaceutical research and development - See what the company's chairman has to say about vision and mission of Marksans Pharma who are Pharmaceutical formulations manufacturers and also exporter of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Milestones of Marksans Pharma, A Pharmaceutical Research and Development Company - Overview of the most important events in the history of Marksans Pharma which a Pharmaceutical Research and Development Company in Mumbai.
  • Meet Board of Directors Marksans Pharma Ltd, Pharmaceutical Company - The page provides detailed Company Background details about Board of Directors and List of Board of Directors of Marksans Pharma Ltd.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Marksans, Mumbai - Take a look at the Mergers & Acquisitions of Marksans Pharma located in Mumbai.
  • Formulation Development & Manufacturing Services – Marksans Markets - Get to know about international markets targeted by Marksans which aspires to become one of most respected, profitable and integrated global pharmaceutical company.
  • Growth Strategies for Formulations manufacturing and marketing - View organization and business strategy of Marksans pharmaceutical company located in Mumbai, India.
  • Bell's Healthcare wholly owned subsidiary of Marksans Pharma Ltd - Bell's Healthcare , manufacturer of over 200 OTC pharmaceuticals is wholly owned subsidiary of Marksans Pharma Ltd.
  • Nova Pharmaceuticals Australasia - Specialty Pharmaceutical Company - Nova is a research driven specialty pharmaceutical company based in Sydney is acquired by Marksans Pharma Ltd.
  • Marksans Pharma acquires Relonchem Ltd, UKs leading generic pharma company - Marksans Pharma India's leading mid-size pharmaceutical company acquires Relonchem Ltd which is Uks leading generic pharma company.
  • Strong R&D for formulation Development by Marksans Pharma - R&D infrastructure is located at Marksans Pharma's manufacturing facility at Verna, Goa and another multi-purpose unit is located at Southport, UK.
  • Marksans Pharma - Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) - Marksans Pharma carries out manufacturing of prescription drugs for therapeutic areas and undergoes stringent quality control tests as per international norms.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility of Marksans Pharma - Distribution of generics and OTC products across leading pharmacies and major chain stores in India and globally.
  • Pharmaceutical Formulation manufacturers & marketing of finished dosage formulations - See the Global markets of Marksans – Pharmaceutical formulation manufacturers in India.
  • Marksans Pharmaceutical Company for Formulation Development & Manufacturing - Marksans Pharma, manufacturer and distributor of Pharmaceutical Formulations with highly sophisticated manufacturing plant in Goa meeting global standards.
  • US Pharmaceutical Market - Marksans Pharma - US pharmaceutical market is one of the key focus areas for Marksans Pharma, Mumbai.
  • Bell, Sons & Co (Druggists) Ltd. and Relonchem Ltd. - Marksans Europe Market - Marksans Pharma acquired Bell Sons & Co and Relonchem Ltd and thus established itself in European markets. Engaged in supply of pharmaceutical products to clients such as Boots, Almus, Actavis, Teva etc.
  • Marksans Formulations business market at South East Asia - Marketing and distribution of finished pharmaceutical formulations in South East Asia.
  • Pharmaceutical Formulations Manufacturers and Research development - Marksans, Pharmaceutical Formulations Manufacturers is consolidating its position in the African region.
  • Marksans Pharma exports formulation products to CIS and Russia - Marksans Pharma is currently exporting its high quality formulation products to CIS and Russia at affordable prices.
  • Latin America - Marksans Pharma Ltd. - Marksans aims to penetrate the Latin American market with its high quality products and extensive product portfolio.
  • Largest manufacturing facility of Soft gelatin capsules and Tablets in Asia - Marksans Goa Manufacturing and R&D Facility – Largest soft gelatin capsules and Tablets manufacturing in Asia which is USFDA , UK MHRA, Australian TGA approved.
  • CRAMS Service provider for Europe, US and Regulated markets - Marksans Pharma, located in Mumbai, India, provides Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) to global pharmaceutical companies based in Europe, US and regulated markets.
  • Out Licensing - Marksans Pharma Ltd. - Marksans is committed to developing new drugs and has embarked on forging out-licensing agreements with other global pharmaceutical majors.
  • Marksans Pharma Annual Reports - Check out annual reports of Marksans Pharma which is Pharmaceutical Research & Development company.
  • Quarterly Financial Reports of Marksans Pharma - Check out Quarterly Financial Results reports of Marksans Pharma which is a global pharmaceutical company.

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    City: 54 , United Arab Emirates

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