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  • Amazon Customer - "The Divine Dance" Review by Jane St. Pierre

    Richard Rohr expresses that his hope for readers is that his reflections on the Trinity resonate with their life experiences. As far as I am concerned, he has certainly accomplished this task. My heart simply knows that Rohr's message is Truth. He beautifully encompasses all - creation, Old Testament stories, the Incarnation, and the teachings of Christ and the early Church, and the reader's personal experiences as a beautiful dance enjoyed by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Readers are thoroughly convinced that this Divine Threesome beckons everyone to join in the dance. It's simply all about relationship - making yourself vulnerable enough to receive and bestow the love of God in all of life's encounters. I intended to highlight a few key phrases that struck a chord with my soul. In actuality, most of my beloved copy of "The Divine Dance" is highlighter yellow!

  • Amazon Customer - When you supplement your diet with these nutrients you are better able to follow diets for weight lose

    Proper nutrients impact your energy level, mood and mental abilities. When you supplement your diet with these nutrients you are better able to follow diets for weight lose, bodybuilding and physical endurance. I mix it with my smoothies and I feel great.

  • Shawn - Two thumbs up!!

    These mats are cut to perFection. I installed these on my 2016 ram crew cab 7 months ago. They have held up really well and clean very easy. They are easy to take in and out. I highly recommend them.

  • Gregory P. Jerkich - 2012 {Single Disc Version} BLU-RAY

    This is a pretty good Disaster movie. I have watched it quite a few times already & it is still enjoyable. The Blu-ray quality is pretty nice for this movie. Not a lot of grain. The color also is pretty nice. As far as the sound goes I can only say that I listen with external speakers hooked up to my regular stereo system [nothing high tech] & it sounds pretty good. I would think with the proper equipment it would sound even better. The aspect ratio is 2:40:1 which means you see more or all of the movie, just the way I like it. As far as special features go you get a couple of commentaries, alternate endings & previews. Overall I really liked this movie & think you will too.

  • L. Bee - Soreness = working

    I am a female. This does work. It is not a gimmick. My muscles contract instantly and become sore after a session. After 1-2 months of use, I do not have 6 pack abs, but I do see top row ab formation and my core is stronger. I have less back pain while running and I believe it is from this.