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  • Carrie Kellenberger - Non-traditional travel narratives, some real gems here

    A collection of travel essays written by a group of male travel authors. I guess women had nothing important to offer this year. I found a lot of these essays hit and miss, as the essays weren't traditional travel narratives by any means. Nevertheless, there were some key pieces that stand out in my mind. My favorites were:

  • Amber - Great Mat!

    I know that I can not be the only mom who gets a little nervous during bath time. My son may be almost 5, but he gets a little clumsy. I have always had a little fear of him slipping or falling back. LUXYHOME has a NonSlip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat that helps me relax a little.

  • R. Dee - worst software in the world!

    I think that roxio has been purchased by music industry scumbags, version 5 was great but now it just doesn't work and there is no customer support of any kind. Garbage stay away from this fraud.

  • Seasons & Sunrise - They LOVE it.

    give one capsule a day to my cats to build up their immune system against their gingivitis and it also helps give them energy. They LOVE it ...the one chews on the whole capsule and eats it all straight down...even though she only has front teeth left, and for my other cat I open the capsule and sprinkle it on his moist food.

  • Antoinette Slack - Excel 2010

    Helped me understand some of the things in Excel, but had to read a lot to find specific things that I needed. Had to rely on a few friends to help me through some things that I couldn't find in the book. It also had many things that were very basic and I didn't need to know the very basic things about Excel. All in all a good start to learning Excel, but working with the program and trying different things was the best learning for me.