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  • Donna Stiles Enos - I would not recommend this book for prepping for the test

    This book does not help at all in your preparation. The test questions in the back do not reflect the material covered and in some cases the answers are duplicated. I would not recommend this book for prepping for the test.

  • Carochen - What a waste

    I still have my old copies of Sim City 2000 and 3000, they are some of my favorite games of all time. I've been looking forward to this game for a long time and when I finally got my hands on it I have to say, this looked like more of the same great stuff. I worked through the tutorial and built my first city...and was booted by some sort of server error. Get back in and my city is nowhere to be found. Started a new city, having fun...and then the same thing happens AGAIN. I'm done. My gaming time is too limited these days to waste with this bunk. I don't pirate games and yet I am being punished by this "always on" circus. Even if I loved this game would I still get to play in ten years? Or does it depend on how long EA runs the servers? To see this fantastic Maxis IP being ruined by EA's ineptitude is very sad.

  • Robert A. Doolittle - VS 2012 upgraded from VS 2010

    Not all the upgrades from VS2010 that I was hoping for, but mostly positive. There are still some inconsintencies in the controls also.

  • Yanli Jia - Unperfect and don't try to operate it when not sure

    One sympathetic string is out of tune - actually, it is loose. I tried to tighten it and broke this string. Now I have to play an unperfect sitar. Should find an instrument professional at first. Sighs. Although, as a super cheap sitar, it is fair enough. I will go and tune other strings now.