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  • Devin.M - It does work

    I was quite impressed with this product, it sure beat shaving. For those who are reading the warnings all around this review, yes, veet does have a dark side to sensitive skin, more like burning your skin off. For legs, stomach, chest, arms, and back its ok. But as for the face, and other areas that your probably buying this product for will give you quite an unforgettable experience. So if you think you're man enough to get over six minutes of stinging chemicals in your sensitive areas, think again. If you experience burning, it won't stop once you remove the cream so keep that in mind before doing something stupid. Oh and if you think this product gets rid of hair permanently, it doesn't. It only dissolves the hair down to the roots giving a sharp feeling afterwards. So if you're trying to get rid of the hair permanently, go for the veet for men waxing strips, you'll have a better chance than this.

  • Jacob tobey - Great game that EA killed with DRM

    This game is great if you can overlook the fact that it puts the whole safety of your computer at risk, the fact that your renting it and that the pirates had it cracked before the rest of us got it. \

  • BusterBrew - Fast delivery and easy install

    Although this product in general is overpriced in my mind, this is the best price I could find. It got to me quickly and was easy to install.

  • Amazon Customer - My kids love them!

    This is a great product. My children (5 and 3) sometimes just want to have a quick snack. These are really great to take on road trips, camping, picnics, etc. They don't have to be refrigerated until opened. My son has been requesting one every morning when he wakes up.

  • Danielle - It is easy to use and showed fast results.

    I could see results within 2weeks. It stopped my breakouts and evened skin tone. Great product. I highly recommend it.

  • Lindsay Mangani - I LOVE these vitamins!!

    I can't say enough about these vitamins! I have a very stressful fast paced life, and don't always get all the nutrients I need through my diet. When I start to feel really run down I realize it is time to start taking my vitamins. I notice a HUGE difference in my energy within a couple of days after taking these vitamins! I have NEVER had that experience with any other multivitamin I've tried. I was introduced to these by my chiropractor, and I will never buy another brand of vitamin, ever. I just wish they weren't so expensive....but I guess you have to pay for quality, and they are definitely worth the money.

  • Robert - Do Not Buy Microsoft Word 2011!

    Microsoft Word 2011 has a bug that causes it to frequently crash. The crash causes every character in the document to change to a * . Nothing will return the document to its previous state. If you are thinking about purchasing Microsoft Word 2011, don't! If you have purchased Microsoft Word 2011, save often! Since this is not considered a crash by the software engineers, the autosave feature will not allow you to access a recently saved version of the document. If you have bought Microsoft Word 2011 and this has happened to you, I ask you contact Apple and complain. They are not responsive. I cannot speak more negatively about this product or Apple's responsiveness to its "valued" consumers.