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  • Love2Buy - Awesome Energy

    Works great! Gives awesome energy! I have taken 2 a day and have also tried just 1 a day. I noticed for myself that if I take 1 in the morning and one early afternoon that gives me consistent energy. Also works great if you stop drinking coffee, no caffeine headache.

  • Barbara - no great results except for bloating and too much gas

    Doesn't do what the reviews indicate. After a month, no great results except for bloating and too much gas. Supposedly helps regularity, but if you all ready have that, don't use this. You'll end up with more than you may want. No energy increase noted.

  • Barron - Excellent GL-5 gear oil

    Excellent GL-5 gear oil. We use this in several GM 2500 and 3500 series service trucks at each differential service. We have used this oil for several years and have never had an issue. It is a high quality full synthetic lube and is available here for less than local parts stores.

  • Private Quentin Tarantino Fan - Whoa!

    Trip-Hop is basically hip-hop with a bit more substance than your average gangster record (those actually do have substance as well), and way more musical merit than any _________ rap artist out there today. Being released in 1991 makes it even cooler, but aside from the ahead of it's time bull_______ (influence had no impact on me whatsoever when deciding to get this), it's an awesome record on it's own. THe music is just so sublime. Trippy beats, deep basslines, samples of pianos, strings, effects, paired with dark urban raps, with soulful vocals that soar through the air. Can't argue with that.

  • Jennifer Byrd - Buy with Confidence

    Charger works perfectly well. Excellent high power and free one power socket.A longer cable when at work and this is perfect.

  • Robert P. Dougan - Water Drip Sounds in Some Songs

    I didn't see other reviewers mention it, but mine came written in Chinese on the main screen. I finally figured out that I needed to go to the "Settings" icon and find "Language" toward the bottom of the screen (and you DO need to scroll down past the original settings screen) to convert it to "English." I then had some clue what the rest of the icons on the screen meant. There are two 2" x 3" sheets of instructions written in English that are your user manual. The rest is written in other languages. None of it mentions the conversion to English.

  • MariaC - The pan that never sticks- stuck!

    I was so excited to get my pan and couldn't wait to use it. My old frying pans stick. The first thing I made was a fried egg. It stuck!!! I thought maybe I had the heat too high. Tried it twice. Both times I broke the yoke just trying to unstick the egg from the pan. How disappointing.