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  • Smile - Great transaction

    I was a little skeptical about ordering this product from here. Once i received the product and started taking it, it worked great. I had already known the effects it has seeing as i had taken it before. I was extremely satisfied with this product and plan on purchasing this product again. Thank you for being honest and for a great product.

  • J-Star Reviewer - 2.1v output for lightening fast charging! Authentic LG core battery for great dependability!

    This quick charge power bank has been a LIFESAVER! I only received it last week and have already used it 3 times to save my battery. It is a 10400mAh battery which is large enough to charge my phone twice before needing to be recharged, perfect for my scatterbrain that forgets to charge things (which is EXACTLY why I needed this bad boy in the first place!). I've gone thru my share of powerbanks. I first started with those cheap banks you can pick up at the gas station, or Walgreens, and they did absolutely NOTHING but frustrate me with their weak and slow charging abilities. I can actually still use whatever device I'm charging while it's connected and guess what, it still charges, even with higher drain apps in use. That is impressive just in itself. It also charges faster than any other power bank I've tried, even my $50 bank I ordered from Amazon a while back. It has a 2.1v output like my lightening charge wall adapter and charges my phone in a little over an hour, I'm not even sure that my phone charges that quickly at home with the charger that came with my LG G4. I'm SUPER impressed. Since it uses an authentic LG core I'm confident in its durability and that it will last a long time. I really couldn't be happier!

  • Daniel Gin - Wired to wireless

    After a couple months of owning this I had to come back and review this. In my car I've installed an aftermarket radio which has no bluetooth but it does have an aux port and when I saw that I realized how easily that problem could be solved. Having a wire run from the radio to the device is just messy and would rather have music just stream through my phone. I had no trouble connecting this with an iPhone 6 plus and running spotify or anything. The aukey portable bluetooth receiver also has forward, back, pause, and play functionality so you don't have to reach for your phone while driving to skip to the next song which is crazy convenient. I recommend this to anybody.

  • Neelam Muizzuddin - missing mizraabs and extra strings

    I got the Sitar within a week and it was packed very nicely. It plays well, however, there was no extra set of strings or mizraabs as promised in the product description. Also, it would have been nice if there was some information about the best speakers for it. We only got a booklet that explains how to play a sitar.

  • Elizabeth Dobrohotoff - It's been a great surprise because it really works.

    I've wanted to try this product ever since it first came out. I knew I would find it on Amazon. It's been a great surprise because it really works. And the price is the best of course, right here on Amazon.