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    I bought some of this from walmart & it works AMAZING. I'm mixed (with black & white) & have super curly hair. This made my curls look beautiful I literally couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror. I didn't use that much & it works awesome. This jar should last me awhile & it runs out I will definitely get more. You absolutely can't beat this low price!

  • Amazon Customer - QuickBooks Pro and Enhanced Payroll

    I have been a QuickBooks Pro and Enhanced Payroll (they changed the name to Enhanced Payroll several years ago) for years. I am a small business consultant and do books for several of my clients. I am also a professor of finance at a large university. Although QuickBooks has risen to become the "standard" in business accounting, I am questioning how long they can last at that high pinnacle. First, they stop supporting software after about 5 years even though users of their Payroll software must purchase updates annually. Second, if you are a follower of QuickBooks pricing, you will notice prices going up each year by $50 per year. QuickBooks recently sent me a letter offering me a "valued customer" discount of $499.00 for both QuickBooks and Enhanced Payroll software (you can buy both for about $299.00 on Amazon). Last year, I renewed my Enhanced Payroll subscription with Amazon for $195.99. This year the same renewal is $249.99 (much more if you allow QuickBooks to automatically renew your subscription -- they require a credit card number to proceed with your install). Third, when you get the software, you cannot load it and make it all work without help from QuickBooks phone support. I end up on the phone each year for at least and hour. In addition, the support is not from the US, so they don't usually understand what you need help with and you must be transferred several times. When you update QuickBooks Pro, there are other problems, such as formatting your old version files to the new version software. Files need to be corrected on your computer hard drive, with the help from support. That total software update call can last more than a couple of hours. Unfortunately, I have too much invested with QuickBooks to change now, but if you are starting out, you may want to investigate PeachTree, or some other competing software products before you get in too deep.

  • krissygambino - First one missing board

    I love the board. I got it for my daughter for Christmas, she opened it up was so excited to finally get an Ouija board. But the board was not in the box. I contacted amazon and they were amazing at replacing the game. The game itself is kinda iffy the planchette does not glide across the board. But it is a really nice game for her.

  • Gustavo Camacho - Complete Rip Off, None of the Fun Side Effects

    I bought these for a friend who has stomach issues. He crushed about 20 of them, knowing their potential effects, and absolutely nothing happened. At this price point, this is a hugeeeee ripoff. On top of that, the package that they come in is not standard Haribo packaging. They come in a bag with a label affixed to them that looks like it came off of someone's printer. I would highly highly recommend against purchasing these.

  • KmacKK27 - Short & Sweet

    Nice short story to give Tracy's identity more depth. Really looking forward to the 3rd book. If you're into the series you'll enjoy.

  • Johnny Utah - 5 US and the 45 fits exactly the way a road shoe is supposed to - like a glove all around my foot

    Will update review later once I've had a chance to use them on a long ride. For the moment just wanted to chime in that I'm a 10.5 US and the 45 fits exactly the way a road shoe is supposed to - like a glove all around my foot, with some wiggle room side to side for my toes.

  • Lisal - Doesn't work

    My mirror and a picture fell off the wall both breaking and they were not over the weight limit don't buy