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  • Gary Gilbert - Great Distance Ball

    Great Distance ball... runs out a bit on the green. If you like a harder ball off the tee and to put with this ball is great. If your looking for distance and bite you may want to consider another ball...

  • Chloe Clevenger - Why I love this book

    I love this book because I think it teaches a lesson that life is not all about who is cool and who is not because you should always treat people the way you want to be treated if you like them or not. The last reason I love this book is because it teaches another lesson that life is not always fair but that is okay. I would recommend this book to any one who loves to read.

  • Mystccwby - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    The Book for Dummies series is quite arguably one of the best selling books for how to and information and Excel 2010 is no exception.

  • Donna B - Ageless, wish I could return it!

    Hate this product. Ageless only works if you don't move your face. If you move your face when its drying it will dry with a crease. Once you smile it increases the lines under your eyes. I bought 3 and they would not let me return the two I didn't open. What a wast. Don't buy it!! From one who has been in the beauty industry for 30 years.

  • Amazon Customer - The light it provides is excellent! My plants LOVE it

    The light it provides is excellent! My plants LOVE it.. However, a few days after I started using it, when I turn it on, the fan starts growling, and I have to shut it off and try again. sometimes have to shake gently to get fan to stop growling and usually on third attempt it will run smoothly.. I would exchange, but plants have no other light source..

  • BigDaddy - Perfect PC protection for an excellent price when compared to ...

    Perfect PC protection for an excellent price when compared to purchasing at brick and mortar / big box retail stores.

  • Joyce - Absolute must have!

    I was very skeptical buying this because so many of the positive reviews I had seen on student doctor network were bashed as DAT Destroyer workers. But Kaplan books and Crack the DAT just weren't boosting my practice scores, so I decided to go on a limb and just buy this. Best decision ever. The practice questions were definitely harder than the real thing, but being able to do the practice ones boosted my understanding of the material so much better! There are a ton of questions, and it looks overwhelming, but stick with it. I had about a month and 1/2 of study time and I managed to go through the book twice, and I studied after work and on Saturdays. Go through all the material in a review book and then test your knowledge with the destroyer. Give yourself time to review the wrong answers and the right ones you got by guessing. I especially loved the math explanations, because that was my weakest point in studying.