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  • Amazon Customer - Dates wrong???

    I LOVE the format BUT ... (please correct me if I am mistaken) am relunctant to make the purchase as the calender appears to be wrong - It looks like the first of January 2016 is a Monday (when I am pretty sure it is a Friday) and in addition it is missing 29th of February (again I'm pretty sure 2016 is a leap year). I would be really interested if these issures were corrected???

  • Antnoio - It comes with a bunch of "Magic Surprises"!

    I was looking for non-expensive "home phone" service after changing providers and MagicJack Plus looked very nice to meet my needs for the first sight: you pay $70 for the first year and $30 each additional year (or even better $100 for 5 years!). Plus very affordable international rates. And 2+ year warranty! Who can ask for more?

  • Dennis Palmero - Love the Eyesight system

    Purchased my 2016 Outback in November 2015. Love the Eyesight system, the interior, and the tech package. Also got it with the 6 cylinder engine, which feels very strong and capable and I get about 23mpg in everyday driving. Found the cargo area to be very practical!

  • Jay Burgos - STAY AWAY!!!

    Very bad. I purchased this because I loved Music Maker Jam on my phone (which is laggy, clumsy and crashes a lot). This software is the worst I have owned. Performance is bad most of the time. Lags like crazy, audio stutters and crackles. You could make an argument that it is maybe my PC, but so many others run much smoother (Sony Acid, Mixcraft Pro, Reason Essentials, Cubase Elements). Overall it feels unpolished. Dont buy. Save your money and buy an entry version of Cubase, Reason or Live. I also own Samplitude 2016 (also by Magix) and performs equally bad. I never could resolve some installation issues of some plug-ins, tech support couldnt figure it out. STAY AWAY FROM MAGIX!!!!

  • Emilio - if you have thick hair you should look for another alternative like a razor blade

    this removal gel creme is okay for men with baby hair, but it's not strong enough for men with strong body hair. if you have thick hair you should look for another alternative like a razor blade. I gave it to my mom.

  • tcar - Work horse but not perfect or pretty.

    Took a 4000 mile trip with a car topper and just these as supports. I may have overdone the weight a little because the bars bent an inch or two. However as soon as the car topper came off the bars went back to shape. The clips that hold it into place won't stay down (they sit up about a quarter inch) and that makes it look cheap. But they seem to stay in place so all in all these did the trick but didn't look amazing doing it.

  • Clarke Mcmurray - Awful

    For years and years, Captain Invincible was the worst movie I have ever seen. It has now been knocked to third place by this film, which takes up the first two positions because it's so awful. I think they just picked people off the street for the cast, and it appears to have been written by a dim Christian.