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  • William A Glaser - corrupted software program

    I had to get another 360 norton because the first one I bought was corrupted enought to the point my desk top practically locked up. I went to norton to have them fix my desk top twice before they said the norton 360 I brought here was corrupt so norton uninstall that software.

  • Nicole Childers-Parks - Waterproof case

    This thing is AMAZING! I bought this for a few trips I went on this summer, and I'm so happy with it's performance. I was able to get clear pictures using my phone inside of this waterproof pouch in the ocean, in the pool, and in the river. I took this on a week long trip to the Dominican Republic and a float trip in Missouri, and my phone stayed dry the entire time. I could use my phone, take pics, and listen to music, all without ever taking my phone out of this pouch. Everyone keeps asking me where they can get one - and for the price, you can't beat it! I have been recommending this to all of my friends. And I love that I can fit my iPhone 6S Plus in this with a slim-fit case on it without even removing the case! This is definitely a winner in my book!

  • Alex Vella - Nothing better than the Hillary Nutcracker!

    Our nuts needed a good quality cracker, this is a wonderful device as well as a great way to be reminded of just how tough Hillary will be to the enemies of America.

  • LeoGirl12 - I really enjoy Penelope Douglas writing

    I really enjoy Penelope Douglas writing. She is one of my top fav authors. This book didn't disappoint but I just felt like I wanted more. I will say enjoyed it and thus give it 4 Starts. She is still in my go to that is for sure.

  • Jamie - Pretty Feet!!! YAY!

    Great product! Had issues for a long time & this stuff is easy to use & only 1 time a day. You will probably need to go thru 2 tubes for a complete healing. My toes have not looked so good in a long time :) Can't wait till I am done, want a pedicure!!!!!!

  • TaosGuy&TaosGal - I got suckered in too!

    I was taken in by the fantastic claims of Ageless Male and got ripped off. It's nothing more than Fenugreek an herb readily available here on Amazon at 1/10th the price. Yes it helps, but it doesn't make you younger or make you a muscleman. I was so stupid to fall for the wild claims. The Ageless Male only contains 300mg of Fenugreek. Studies show you need at least 1300mg to gain the effect of the herb. That would be 5 Ageless Males at well over $100 per month. Over the counter Fenugreek would be about $20!

  • soxgirl1215 - An Awesomely Good Time

    I love this cookbook. It has a lot of British Recipes in it and it tells you from which Harry Potter book (chapter and section) that food was mentioned. I made the Yorkshire Pudding in it once and became addicted so it is now something I regularly make. While there are a lot of desserts featured in the book, other things like foods mentioned in Hogwarts great feast are also listed as well as some very traditional ones that would be expected to served in the Wesley house. Everything I have made from the book has been great although I there are a few ones that I don't ever seeing me make, but that is the way with any cookbook. If you are a Harry Potter fan or your kid is, this is a great way to experience another side of it. Make a Harry Potter meal to eat while you watch the DVDs.