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  • Kate2U - For a picky sort of guy

    Bought this item for a friend who purchased a Subaru and wanted a roof rack but was shocked at the price the dealer wanted. Item was as described and works and looks great on his Forester. This guy is the "picky sort" and he is very happy with my purchase.

  • Bartik14 - Important For All of Us

    Simplify by Bill Hybels is such an important book for today’s society. More and more of us are running around like chickens with our heads cut off, too busy ‘running to and fro’ but missing out on all the important things in life that really matter. Bill Hybels takes a step back and reminds us unclutter our lives in areas such as finances, work, relationships, family, and spend our time meaningfully.

  • montana2884 - Leaves me groggy the next day

    I've had issues with sleeping so I thought I'd try ZzzQuil. It works for helping me sleep, I usually fall asleep within an hour of taking it, but feel groggy the next day (after only taking a 1/2 dose).

  • jjandsarah - Very handy stuff, bought to fix my MacBook power ...

    Very handy stuff, bought to fix my MacBook power cord but have since used it to fix a few other things, very versatile. My only complaint is that if a surface is very absorbent the colored ones can leave a stain on the surface if you are not careful when working with it.

  • Charlie R. Bishop - It works!

    When we bought our building, the PO had neglected to turn off the water before vacating the property. Before we took over the pipes froze and burst. We had quite a mold problem. This product mitigated the mold and helped us save some sheet rock from being replaced. Who knew baking soda and water would do all that?!!?

  • Bable - BETA product at premium price

    Having worked with Office 2003 for PC since beta, Word, Excel and PP 2011 feels more refined and a bit more cohesive...barely.