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  • Aaron H. - This ain't your gramma's B&W TV with the aluminum foil antenna. This is IMAX in your living room.

    My first impressions were that this thing is big--I mean, REALLY big. I came from a 60" that seemed like an IMAX in my living room, so moving up to a 65" didn't seem like a giant leap. My old 48" in my bedroom is about 8 years old, and weighs in at about 92 pounds without the stand. This gigantic 65" behemoth weighs in at a paltry 52 pounds! The wall mount screamed with joy as I bolted this billboard of love to the wall. The connection ports were all easily accessible, and my Samsung sound bar (with free back speakers--thanks Best Buy) connected easily with the set and synced right up. Now, not only do I have a TV as big as a wall, but I have surround sound that will tear your clothes off! I watched one of my favorite movies, Heavy Metal (the original, not the weak remake), and made sure to keep the volume at 11. The lifelike movement on the screen was like nothing I'd seen before. I called my neighbors and my friends and immediately invited everyone over to see this thing. If DVD movies were this good, imagine what good porn would be like! Wait...never mind.

  • nadler369 - Nice for the price.

    This little grinder does a very nice job of grinding beans. I usually take a whole pound of ground coffee to work for my French press, so I grind a lot all at once. This handles that well. My chief complains are that it is not easy to clean out and the static from the grinds causes them to stick to the container making it even more difficult to clean out. There is often a small pile of grinds on the counter when I'm done - but remember I'm grinding almost a full kilo at a time.