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  • cactus - Great commuter bag

    I bought this bag in medium strictly for commuting by bike every day (20+ miles a day) and it's pretty great for the price

  • barbara litchford - Doesn't work

    It will not charge my phone at all. It will charge one of my kindles but not the other one. I would not buy again.

  • Stomper - Great for headphones

    Got a new pair of Sennheiser over the ear headphones and this is the first bit of music I purchased so I could try out the headphones. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Can't compare it to other releases, but this one appears to be a 2016 remaster of a remaster, etc.

  • Lostjohn - Great Tea..I love it

    I bought my tea directly from the site as I had read the many reviews and heard about this tea. In the first three days, I was going to stop taking the tea as I did not really notice any changes. On day 4, the appetite supressant kicked in for me and my energy picked up. I increased my water intake and that seemed to help also. The tea on its own will not make you loose weight but it will help you jumpstart your fitness regime. I have been exercising more and making better food choices and I have to say that I have noticed inches lost and my clothes are getting loose. I definately have more energy without jitters...I am pleased with my purchase.

  • Amanda M. - I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and ...

    We got these because we live in an old house and had trouble with mice in the colder months. I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and didn't want to use poison. They worked very well to keep them away but occasionally we'd have one or two mice over the three years that we've used them that didn't seem to really be bothered at all by them. It's way better than killing a mouse every day like we were before we started using them! Would recommend.