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Prueba Psicom�trica PDA para la identificaci�n de talentos - Prueba Psicom�trica PDA para la identificaci�n, retenci�n y desarrollo de Talentos. Test psicol�gico online avalado cientificamente con un 84% de confiabilidad.

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  • maxwecry - I love this stuff

    This stuff makes my nails and hair grow really fast. Even my eye lashes are longer. It's like Miracle Grow for your hair and nails!

  • L. Berkower - Makes You Think

    This book is an eye opener regarding out of whack eating habits and addictions to sugar and carbs. It's difficult to make the changes suggested but worth it. I have made some, not all the changes. The information is great to have and has increased my level of awareness when shopping and eating out. The food combining part is one I've known about for a long time and have reincorporated back into my diet plan. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle and willing to make changes, this book will help you do so.

  • Thomas S Cline - Do not buy

    I agree with the entire 1 star reports. Do not purchase this software. There is no customer service and all Sage is good for is sending you renewal notices that cost over $1400 each year. Today I have spent over 40 minutes on hold just to try to renew and had to talk with some person overseas that couldn’t speak English. Before that, I had sent unanswered emails to my account rep and then to his boss Bill Martin. After leaving several messages (his ext is 330159) he finally called me back and passed the buck to another rep that never sent me a confirmation email on the renewal. None I’m getting messages about renewal and being threaten to being locked out without renewal. Do not get trapped in this software. The yearly fee is bad enough, but without customer support it is a nightmare. I expect this company will not be around much longer. I’m looking for another provider.

  • D.B. Lewis - Buy two. I did.

    I have two of these, one for work, one for home. Have no need for competing products because they work well and are low cost.

  • Cecil Ram - This diet is a breeze.

    This diet is a breeze. Anybody can be successful on it. I lost 96 pounds using their Link and Balance Method. I feel 25 years old again -- and my health report looks that way too. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to safely lose weight without a whole lot of rules and regulations. It makes perfect medical sense. I know. I was a fat doctor. I now give copies of this book to not only my overweight patients, but to all those patients that need to develop correct nutritional habits.

  • William Mcghee - Great song!

    Great timeless classic by one of the biggest artists of all time right in the middle of his prime. Nothing else really to say about it. Great song.

  • Carolyn T. Callahan - Only good if your feet are perfect already. Does not get rid of dry skin

    Not worth $36, and needs more power, coarser sanding spindle, and ability to use more pressure. I was so excited to buy this, as Walmart and Target were sold out. It seemed to be a good sign that so many people bought this. I was so anxious to receive it, yet I was disappointed. I have bought the Ped Egg, pumice stones, Tweezerman sanders, and honestly, the best job is with a sanding block from the hardware store that was 2.99. I will be returning this, as I had high hopes for help with my diabetic dry feet. I used light pressure to prevent the wheel from stopping, and even gave it a good 10 minutes per foot. I had a towel under my feet, as I am fully aware that they dust can be a mess. It was somewhat smooth, but did nothing to sand down the cracks on my heels. I would have to devote a good hour per foot (who has that time?) just to make a dent. The sander isnt coarse enough - not sure if they think you would sand your foot off. LOL. Great idea, but lacking in the attributes that would make it a success.