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  • Professional Psychic - Good Actors, Interesting Characters

    Billy Bob Thornton is powerful, as always. However, he looks a little anorexic here which is disturbing, and distracting. When he yells that he's going to beat someone's ass, it's hard to imagine how at that weight he could do that.

  • Gordo - These Shark Antennas are super nice!

    This is the sixth shark antenna I have purchased from Visual Garage. They are a terrific replacement for the ugly stick. The paint always matches perfectly. Good fast shipping also. Thanks

  • Diane L. Glickman - I like the product but the pump gets stuck and you ...

    I like the product but the pump gets stuck and you have to clean the hole out with something sharp or it doesn't work. It needs to be fixed. The last bottle I bought I had to unscrew the top to get to the formula and then the formula got hard and I had to add water to it and that diluted the formula.

  • Mike McGowan - Great interactive plush my son will not put down!!

    Just came back from long weekend visiting my brother and his 2 yr old daughter. She had this Harry plush, and my 3 yr old would not put it down. There are like 6 or 7 buttons to push with all sorts of different things. Counting, ABC,s, greetings, like Hello & Good Nite, etc.

  • Marcelo - Excellent equipment, but doubts about upgrading

    As a previous owner of Edge 810, I found Garmin Edge 820 a good upgrade in screen resolution, internal memory capacity (although lost capacity for external memory card) and some software improvements. Sadly we lost capacity for multiple bike selection: as I haver more than one bike, that was ver useful for me. As a conclusion, I could say Edge 820 is excellent, but I'm not sure if it's worthy upgrading from 810.

  • Serrated blades???? - Serrated blades????

    I hate these knives!!! I'm currently looking for a replacement set. I was excited when I first got them...with a name like Henkels and the ever sharp "everedge" blade, how could I go wrong? Believe me, you don't want the "everedge" blade unless you like ripping everything. That's pretty much what your doing with these knives, sawing everything instead of slicing or cutting. For delicate things (i.e. cutting sashimi) it just won't do!!! Serrated fine for some purposes (i.e. bread knife), you just don't want it on every knife.

  • Rick - Inspired to action

    I was supposed to have knee replacement surgery in November, but decided to give diet, exercise and suppliments a final chance before I go under the knife. I am hoping that at least I will be able to delay the surgery several years