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  • DocD - Forget Combat get Advion

    My lil friends got an aversion to this stuff after 2 applications. Worked at first but then It just dried up.

  • john person - Get some of your sanity back!

    My daughter saw this somewhere. I forget where she first got hooked on it. Actually, I'm the one they really caught. She has all of the past ones, so I guess I should have known this would make her Christmas list. I must say this usually brings our family together. Usually my daughter is fighting with her brothers about something or the other. Now, they all enjoy singing, shouting and fooling around together. My wife and I love to see them so happy together. Of course, when the game goes off, the peace goes with it. I can't say it's a fix all but with 3 children ages 12, 10 and 9 I'll take all the peace I can get.

  • Jill - "It is what you make it"

    I just finished my first workout on the Gazelle Edge. I wanted something that would make aerobic excercise convenient (in my garage) when the weather is nasty -and I didn't want to spend alot of money. Overall, it did a very good job for what I wanted.