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  • A Traveler - Great for mild allergy symptoms

    I live in Central Texas, where allergens abound, and I'm allergic to one thing or another here year-round. My symptoms range from mild to pretty severe, so I take a prescription antihistamine every day and am doing the allergy shot regime. I also take D-Hist. Because I'd much prefer to take something all-natural, I've tried D-Hist a few times on its own, but it's just not strong enough for my symptoms. But then, the prescription doesn't completely do the job either. What I've found is that the prescription medication does most of the work, and D-Hist is great at handling the remainder, so I feel great most of the time. The allergy shots are helping, too, but they still need some time, so I'll stick with my D-Hist and antihistamine combo in the meantime. If your allergy symptoms are mild, I suspect D-Hist might be all you need.

  • Aaron - HAHAHAHA!!

    I live alone. Everybody needs someone to talk to right? When in a conundrum or feeling highly stressed, I turn to Wilson for guidance and insight....he invariably seems to be laughing at me. He reminds me that, when I can laugh at myself, I find that I am CONSTANTLY amused!!

  • Southern Man - Installation nightmare

    As a *long* time user of Peachtree, (over 10 yrs.) I thought I would upgrade to the 2011 version of Complete Accounting.