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Pistruiatu - Recreem si rememoram jucariile epocii de aur din anii 80 ai comunismului! Daca iti aduci aminte de: prastia cu invizoaice, tunul cu carbid ori coarda, atunci avem ceva in comun!

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • jennifer Radovich - Only three stars

    Two problems with the lights. The first is that the polarity on the connectors was reversed. I had to cut and reverse the wires for the LEDS to work. Remember LEDS only work if the polarity is correct in a DC system. Second problem is flicker. It is noticeable, bordering on distracting. Because the install took about 2 hours on my 2016 JK, I don't really want to replace them with the OEM. Yes, 2 hours. On the JK I had to remove the grill guard and bumper fascia to replace the lights. They are bright with a nice horizontal pattern perfect for the fog we get here on the coast. Hope this helps JK installers

  • James A. Burnett - 2013 Sucks!

    We recently got Microsoft Office 2013 at the work place and two weeks in all I can say is I HATE it...!!!!!! I hate the dull grey look background in outlook, I hate the feel of it, I hate the way the paste button works now and I hate the fact that you left out one of the best programs of 2010 which is the Picture manager. I wonder if the folks at Microsoft just sit around and get high and/or drunk change a few settings and they say lets release this on the world and make another billion dollars.......Sick and tired of Microsoft upgrades they do NOTHING to make our lives easier only more difficult. Wish I HAD the choice to go BACK to 2010 but Microsoft is bilking those who are forced to use it.......Wish I could give 0 stars instead of 1.

  • fiction author D. O. Allen - I've read better....

    Most of the stories are "circle of life" without a lot of substance. Each is well written and read as essays.

  • ELMAY - Great for Doggie Cleanups

    Nature's Miracle is my favorite doggie cleanup tool. I have used this items for several different puppies and trust no other brand. Even stains I find hours/days after occurring come out easily once I apply this. I purchased this size to refill my squeeze bottle with.

  • Tseten Dekhang - An almost perfect camera bag solution

    I was on the hunt for a nice camera bag but found many of the them to be too bulky and boring. I liked the Timbuk2 Snoop messenger bags but it was too expensive for what it offered. So it was nice to find out that I could buy the insert separately. I have an old canvas JCrew messenger bag and after measuring the dimensions of the bag found the insert in a small size to be the perfect size. The insert fits in perfectly in my bag and now I have a stylish camera bag. The padding is adequate on all sides except for the front where it is much thinner so I stuck one of the velcro dividers along the inside of the front part of the insert as padding for the section where I put my camera. As for the storage space, the small is actually more like a medium since I can fit into it my Canon 70D with a 40mm pancake lens attached, a 480ex2 speedlite inside its pouch, a 50mm 1.8, 18-135mm STM, and a 10-18 STM comfortably. I also have a couple of felt pouches with velcro backs that I stick to the inside of the top flap for storing SD cards and my trigger trap cables. If the insert came with built in pouches on the inside of the top flap cover, the front was more padded and the outside was waterproof, this would be the perfect bag.

  • Sandy L. McMahon - Life Saver for Storage Closets!

    We just recently moved from a very dry climate to a very humid one. These have been life savers for our house (for 2 storage closets in particular). I can literally feel the difference in the air in the room and I love that it protects my belongings in storage from moisture. Will for sure be purchasing on a regular basis!

  • Eileen W. Zulli - great conditioner for old hair. Really

    My hair is fine. As I have gotten older, my hair has thinned some. I started sampling conditioners and discovered that while it may be counter-intuitive, using a dense conditioner adds body to my hair without making it stiff and lifeless. Great product.