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  • http://pivottohappy.com/tears-from-nowhere/ When tears seem to come out of nowhere... - Pivot To Happy - We can plan, prepare and hope for the best when it comes to our emotions. But sometimes you just have to feel the pain side by side with the joy.

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  • Nero Goldstein - Ok for cleaning teeth, not so great for killing ants..

    Picked this up for use in one of my kid's 'diversity' projects in school (Great Success!), and stuck the leftovers in the cabinet next to the baking soda.

  • Alisa - Very slow process!

    This product would be perfect for young children who dislike getting their nails trimmed. It's a good option compared to nail clippers that some kids hate. It definitely works, although is a bit slow of a process. Have to say I'm not completely thrilled with this product. Yes it works, it is slow. I feel like it roughed up my nails and didn't smooth as the packaging/instructions stated. Honestly, I think I'll stick with my good old nail clippers and a nail file. Received this product in exchange for review to test out. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

  • GrandmotherofThree - I was glad to know I could get some without ordering checks ...

    Yes, these checkbook registers met my expectations. I don't often write checks these days, but I do keep track of every online transaction also. Because I don't use many checks, my checkbook registers are used up before my checks. I was glad to know I could get some without ordering checks I don't need.

  • painned hands. - Great !!!

    The only problem with it was the key was to long. So it did not close all the way but that can be fixed .. Minor .. As for the program hook up for $50 at a nissan dealer !!! Cheap all together