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  • Chris - Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices

    Great Book! Included everything I was looking for in Exchange 2010. Very easy to read and I definitely recommend it to others.

  • carmend - It's a Miracle!

    Highly recommend! Oh my god, this stuff really works. I live in the Caribbean and roaches here are huge. Within days I started seeing results. Found them all dead in kitchen cabinets. It's been over 2 months and I have yet to see a roach. I will definitely purchase it again. Very happy and fast shipping. Thank you. =)

  • all for books - If you want to waste some time

    What a mistake! I downloaded the bundle instead of just trying the free edition. How much is your time worth? Even though I'm retired, it's worth something to me! I spent hours trying to get this software to import my information from Turbo Tax to no avail. I just kept getting a message that it couldn't do it. I even went into last year's Turbo Tax program to download a no-frills federal tax copy and made sure it was in the right pdf. format. Still wouldn't work. Then, foolishly, I started to type in the info myself and found the program hadn't even saved my basics when I started again later. I have had no problems with other programs saving and importing basic information. I just can imagine what would happen if I tried to import my bank info or stock trades online. Of course, there's no refund on a software download (I tried anyway) so I just accepted the $20 loss. I am deleting it from my computer. Just cough up the money and get something that works! If you want to waste some time, try the free version first!

  • Bob Gurchak - Great Valve Oil

    I've been using this oil on my Bach Stradivarius trumpet for the last 30 years. Best valve oil I've ever used. Nothing works better!

  • K. M. Guidry - As good as the rest.

    An enjoyable read. Several plot lines that wrapped up neatly, but almost too neatly. The bad guys didn't have any complexity. The cop humor and interplay between Virgil and his cohorts is always fun.

  • L. MATSUMOTO - Great vendor! Dispenser could use some improvement.

    Product was shipped quickly! This vendor is great and deserves 5 stars! Re: the product...I love this product. I only wish the dispenser/pump could be improved. It will work in the beginning, and then as you get towards the end of the bottle, it'll clog so that you have to open up the cap and use something to scoop out the product. Also, wish the product wouldn't dry up towards the bottom of the bottle. I usually add a few drops of water to kind of "loosen it up," but wish the consistency would remain like when you first get it.