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  • Erock - Amazing, but not flawless. I still sincerely love the bike though.

    Great road bike! I was hesitant to buy this bike, simply because buying bikes online are generally not as preferable as buying them at a local bike store. Anyways, had it assembled right away and was a sweet ride. I quickly switched out the 23c tires to 25c, which is the biggest that would fit on the 48cm frame I bought. Added a rack to the back, and now it's a great commuter for me.

  • P. Gillis - And that is a good thing.

    Plug this in any outlet and light up your life. You will likely find many of your outlets miswired. Such is life. But you can fix it and never have reversed polarity in your life again. And that is a good thing.

  • Delsia - Questionable ingredients

    I have been seeking the best vegan protein powder on the market and realized after purchasing that they have some questionable ingredients in this product. "Natural Flavors" is a widely used cover term for GMO ingredients..or questionable ingredients. This product is not certified non-gmo or certified organic. I realize this certification process is costly, so I attempted to contact the company to find out exactly what the "natural flavors" are as well as where the "fructose" is derived from...and got no response. I also happened to run into a local sales rep sampling the product and she could not obtain an answer for me either. So, I am sending it back and have already purchased another product from Sun Warrior who has no problem answering customer questions.

  • nycvideogeek - This really helps you understand the Spreadsheet Program.

    The individual videos's are easy to follow along with and don't require any prior knowledge in order to figure out and understand the concepts being explained. Each individual video does a good job in explaining that part of the software. It's broken up into small lessons basically so you can do a few each day or just spend a few hours and watch a whole bunch at once.

  • R. Wilt - Great Product

    I was using an older version of Quicken but decided to update after my computer crashed. I like this version. I especially like that it can connect to my bank account and download cleared transactions. I also like the ability to categorize my transactions. I highly recommend this product for everyday home use.

  • Dale Schmidtbleicher - Virus Protection - GREAT

    I have been using McAfee Total Protection (three computers) since I went from a Mac to a PC a dozen years ago. It has done a wonderful job and protecting my three computers. Sometimes no matter how careful you are you can get to a website that is infected. That has happened to me a couple of times and each time McAfee has notified me and eliminated the threat.

  • E.H.F. - Uppababy G Lite VS Maclaren Mark ii VS Joovy Groove Ultralight

    We recently embarked on stroller shopping for a lightweight or umbrella stroller. I really wanted to know details and so am writing this review to provide what I could not find.