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  • Soulwanderer - The go to brand.

    My mother introduced me to lemon pepper chicken as a child and I was hooked. I use this spice on almost everything. From chicken, to veggies, to mac and cheese, to hamburgers. I even tried it on jello once when a friend was making fun of me for how frequently I use it (Note: Don't try it on Jello.) Having tried nearly every brand I've come across, one or two others may live up to how tasty McCormick's is, but that I've found it doesn't get any better than their brand.

  • Veronica - Great shopping app!

    I like this app a lot because you can find a lot of great bargains and I don't know about you, but I love bargains. Now the app has had a few issues lately with shutting down intermittently. Hopefully an update will follow.

  • Slobes - Looks great, but terrible reception.

    I am giving this three stars. I think that something as simple as an aftermarket antenna should be rated 1/3 on aesthetics, 1/3 on build, and 1/3 on functionality. They nailed it on build quality and aesthetics, 2/3. This little antenna is a quality item, makes no wind noise, and looks great. The the problem I have with this product is that the reception is horrible. I live 25 miles outside of Boston, so there is no lack of signal strength. I understand that the antenna is supposed to look good, but I would rather have just bought a chrome cap to plug the factory antenna hole if I knew how poorly the reception would be. What's the point in giving it any height at all?

  • J. MCCLENDON - it really works

    Altho expensive compared to other foil, sometimes you need the nonstick feature and it really works.