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  • Mike Keller - The Scum retaliate for the Corpus attack, annihilating Vancouver

    The gloves are off, and the Human Defense Force prepares an all-out invasion of the Scum homeworld, Abaddon. Leading the attack and tasked with killing the Scum emperor are Corporals Marco Emery, Addy Linden and Lailani Marita de la Rosa. The platoon is again commanded by Lt. Einav Ben-Ari who has filled squads with STC veterans of Scum attacks and hive invasions, Sergeants all.

  • Lazoore - love it! my baby can easily grab his cheerios ...

    i have the britax b ready, and this fits perfectly. i messaged the seller making sure it was the older version they were sending me, and sure enough it was. love it! my baby can easily grab his cheerios in the big tray. i put his pacifier in the cup holder tray. have not yet tried placing a sippy cup, but it looks like it will stay bc the cup holder part has little rubber flaps that would keep the cup in place.

  • Courtney - Fits securely and has great visibility. I am able to see the whole ...

    Fits securely and has great visibility. I am able to see the whole car seat with this mirror and I can easily see my little one and all her expressions so I can tell if she is upset, happy, or sleeping. Easily detachable for when I have people sitting in the back seat as well.

  • Impetigo - Great antenna to replace horrid stock whip antenna

    I almost spent thousands of dollars more to get a Sienna Limited this past weekend but ended getting a XLE. One of the reasons I was considering a Limited, which isn't really what I wanted anyway, is that the Limited doesn't have a horrible, eye sore of a whip antenna mounted on the fender like it was straight out of the 80s. I knew I had to try the Stubby even if it meant worse FM reception since I wanted something in the antenna hole.

  • Rita S. - Some advertised features not avaliable

    Advertised platform is widows 10, but box says XP, vista, 8.1. It did install on Windows 10 and then ran the update. Did not install the first time, but did the 2nd time. Maybe the .NET Framework did not work the 1st time. Advertised here on Amazon to have Photo Power, but it does not. Pages 1 and 20 of the book say all versions do not have it. Easy to use otherwise. Replacing Create A Card which does not work past XP. Can only give 3 stars since it is not as advertised. Will try contacting customer about the Photo Power feature/

  • D.B. - Great Value, Better Quality

    Includes almost every ear insert you could need, I settled on the larger double decker as I have large ears. This includes a three inch MicroUSB to USB cable you can use to charge this with. I charged it over night and synced it before work and have been listening to music on my iPhone on the lower end of volume for the past six hours and it is still over 50% battery. Syncing was very easy, and I find the "one-button" control to be fairly straight forward. It is a bit bigger than the picture makes it look, but it more than makes up for it with sound quality. I've only had to make a few calls so far with it, but everyone I asked said they could hear me quite well, even when driving. Very pleased with this purchase.