Positional Release Therapy Institute | South Ogden, UT - PRT-i is Dedicated to fostering the practice of Positional Release Therapy through clinical practice, instruction and research.

  • Patient Information at Positional Release Therapy Institute - A multi-faceted osteopathic treatment approach is utilized to treat a variety of injury and pain conditions. T
  • Conditions Treated by PRT-i - PRT treats Sprains and Strain,s Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal and Neurological Conditions, Myofascial Pain Syndrome.
  • Hands-on Training at Positional Release Therapy Institute - PRT-i faculty utilize sound evidence-based adult learning teaching approaches so that your learning experience is both rewarding and lasting.

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  • C. Thaddeus - Remove Compatibility from Kindle for Android??

    Just got the trial yesterday and was reading on my Kindle for Android. This morning, it decided not to work and says the book isn't compatible for my device. I login to Amazon and found out that Android is no longer supported. Only compatible devices are Kindle, Kindle for iPad or iPhone. This sucks. Luckily, I got a free trial so I am ok but I truely would like to read this magazine...

  • warlord - 2012

    What can you say about the end of the world? John Cusack and company do a great job with an absurd premise. It's fun, exciting, suspenseful, and utterly ridiculous, but who wouldn't know that going in?

  • gysahlgreens - ... when I got it it honest to god smelled like fish. I think they used fish oil on ...

    I was excited for this but when I got it it honest to god smelled like fish. I think they used fish oil on it probably to make it last, but I looked up whether I could make the smell go away so I could keep it (it was so cute!) but nothing looked promising so I just returned it. It's honestly too bad but I didn't want everything I put in it to smell like fish....

  • David Parker - Do your research, don't fall for this!

    I live in Memphis TN, and used to work for JuicePlus which is headquartered here. Rest assured it is a a scam! Just eat natural foods and save your money. Don't get sucked into the pyramid scheme.

  • Egidio Concas - It's great so far!

    Ball Refill is the only pill I have taken that has worked at all for me. I see a big difference. Take it in the morning and it works to increase libido and volume like it says. I don't know about mega but definitely much greater finishes! The price is great probably because everyone I know takes it so they can afford to lower the price.

  • ladyfree - Great

    Every year I try to get my sons to come over and hook up the new security for my computer. This year, I am proud to say I did it all by myself. The step by step instructions was easy and I was able to do it. Works fine.