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  • Karen - Worthless for new format

    Don't waste money they basically cut and pasted old info under new heading. The practice tests are abysmal the previous reviewer gave the specific details

  • Mark A Hicks - Works, but glue residue in the morning

    Well, they certainly work and that's very important. They help me sleep at night and I love them. The only thing is, get ready for a lot of glue residue on your nose in the morning. I follow the directions for removal, but the glue is still there. I wash it off as best and still have people at work asking me: 'What's on your face?"

  • DPannell - LOVE this Shampoo!

    I purchased this shampoo for my petite goldendoodle and hairless chinese crested dogs. This shampoo is great! It cleans their coat and skin thoroughly, has excellent and beneficial ingredient properties, is soothing to their skin (no scratching, digging, rolling in misery or discomfort), and smells terrific! Plus, it leaves them smelling fresh and clean at least two weeks! I have finally found a shampoo which works great!