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  • Amazon Customer - Sprayer Sucks Eggs

    No clue as to whether this thing will work or not but I can say for a fact that the sprayer is an absolute nightmare. Had to struggle with it for forty five minutes to get anything to come out and when it did it was less of a spray and more of a gardening hose with a little more trajectory.

  • Perry Preston - These are easy to fit under neath the sink and work very ...

    I have received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest review of my experience with and the quality of the item.

  • James E. - Early adopters beware

    Cozmo is very cute but also very non-functional. I can get by the pain that others have mentioned (having to directly connect to Cozmo via wifi and having the application in the foreground) but what I can't get by are the constant connection drops. I've also not been able to complete a single "tap" game because during or right after the first round I get an error that "Cozmo has moved and the game can not continue". This wasn't a one time occurrence and has happened 10 out of 10 times I've tried to play the game.

  • morgan - Nausea

    Ok. So, I'm giving this product a 5-star review because HOLY COW I feel different with the mat and I have faith that my experience, in time, will go from 1-STAR to 5-STAR.