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  • Jasleen kaur - Love these cases

    Love these cases! i bought 2 of them one in rose gold and other in grey! They fit 3 cards (credit/driving license) easily.

  • Rick - Everything predicted in this movie has come to pass

    D'Souza read Obama's autobiography, and then visited every place referenced in the book, including Kenya. D'Souza said that Obama's actions were not in sync with what he was saying, and found that by reading Obama's autobiobiography and further researching it, Obama's agenda became clear. Everything D'Souza said in this movie has come to pass. The Obama administration had D'Souza investigated by the FBI, that found a campaign donation violation in the amount of $20,000 which he gave to his friends to donate to his favored candidate. For that D'Souza faces sentencing in September expected to be two years in prison, only because he plea bargained down to the lesser of two charges. Such a campaign donation pales compared to those given to Obama, yet those are not investigated.

  • Ghislaine Schwartz - My favorite (non-caffeinated) chai

    I wrote the following review for the Black Tea version, but it also applies to the Redbush which I started drinking since getting pregnant and trying to avoid caffeine:

  • Tab McBlane - Awesome knife

    Very cool and useful knife! I bought the pilot and the co pilot. I carry the co pilot on my life vest and the pilot on me. Only downside is the sheath latch won't fit on a wide belt. Fits great on a life vest but a challenge to get it on. Certainly won't fall off!

  • Allen - Perfect Wireless Mouse Except the Ambidextrous Qualities

    One of the better purchases. I use the G502 at work and this mouse feels just like it. Feels extremely good in the hands. I do prefer the thumb rest on the bottom with the G502, which this one lacks. While I never really use that rest, having that tension there would be nice. Otherwise, this mouse is perfect. There's no lag and very low latency. Feels just like a wired mouse. The matte feel, just like on the G502, feels incredibly good on the hand and the response times of this mouse is top notch.

  • Jessie J - I got a horrible yeast infection

    I waited a year to write this review because I wanted to test if the probiotic would work long term and it did! My problems started with a UTI so I went on Bactrim and that is what messed up my PH balance. Right after I got done with the antibiotic, I got a horrible yeast infection. So then I took Diflucan. Then after that they said I had BV so then I went on Metro antibiotic for that. Then a few weeks later I noticed yeast infection symptoms and went on Diflucan and then back on the Metro antibiotic again..... I was so tired of everything at that point so I looked further into what else can help and found Rephresh. I used the gel inserts here and there at first when I started the probiotic. Within 2 weeks I was back on track and within 4 months of taking them every day, my balance is back on track. It has been a year now and I haven't needed them since. If I ever go on antibiotics again. I'm taking these!