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www.rhinocort.com Nasal Allergy Spray for Adults & Children | RHINOCORT® - RHINOCORT® Allergy Spray provides relief from nasal allergy symptoms. Learn about this original prescription strength 24 hour allergy relief and say bye to congestion.

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  • Daniel - NOT as good as can be, especially when you're paying top $$ for a top $$ with a supposed top reputation

    had some issues with it, was clearly not fully functional, Had been stuck with misc. problems connecting, loosing volume, or simply cuts out, connects on and off. even with firmware updates, didn't help. I ended up buying one retail locally after 10 months, and it didn't have any of the issues. Go figure. Maybe it's the vendor that's selling refurb? that we don't know about.

  • J. Lietz - May increase paranoia

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