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  • LHLohio - Very good, wanted a bit more

    This book is great at giving you the in and outs for the GRE. The tips and tricks are fantastic. But when it came time to take practice tests, I wanted more. I feel like these books need to have more than the standard end of chapter quizzes and basic practice tests. If I am paying the money, I want to see lots of test questions and practice to get my speed up. But overall, a good help and prep for test day. I recommend also buying a GRE timer (around $10-20) where you can time yourself per question and overall. It really helped me get my speed up.

  • Crafty Mama - Larger drip pans didn't fit my GE stove.

    The burners and drip pans were way past time for a change - they really weren't in that great of shape when we moved into our house 7 years ago. I soaked the drip pans in many different things - but just couldn't remove everything that was on there. I was really worried about a fire starting so I figured replacing both drip pans and burners is a cheaper fix than buying a whole new stove! The smaller drip pans fit my GE stove just fine...but the larger ones are a little too big. They don't sit quite flush in the whole - but the burner still fits in them without a problem. I will look for other sizes, but for now these are okay. It's not ideal by any means....but it'll do in a pinch. From reading other reviews, it sounds like a lot of other people have had this problem. Perhaps the seller should take a look at the measurements again.

  • patty hansen - do not bother!

    Did not work after the first day. I had read reviews and saw a few people mention that it would not hold a charge after a day. i went against my better judgement and ordered it. First day worked, second day would not start. I just would save yourself the hassle.

  • Kindle Customer - More science fantasy than science fiction. No, that's ...

    More science fantasy than science fiction. No, that's not fair. More fantasy than fiction. That's not quite it either. More than ... nothing.

  • Mike / Lisa - If you have thin hair, don't bother with this!

    This product is horrible! I am returning it because of false advertisement. I saw this on Facebook at first - I am sure you have all seen the video as well, which is why you are here. Seems too good to be true, right? It is! I straighten my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY so I am a pro at these types of tools and this one was a huge disappointment. I have longer, thin, wavy, puffy hair that needs to be straightened to give it any sense of style. My hair was naturally curly, but years of straightening it has caused to it just be a puffy wavy mess. I have used various products from Conair straighteners to Chi and have settled on my favorite of a Paul Mitchell Smoothing Iron. That being said, I wanted this product to get a quick smoothing effect for the days I want to throw my hair up, but need it smoothed first. I knew for my thin hair that expecting it to straighten it was a stretch. The product takes a while to heat up to full heat - Maybe around 4-5 minutes. You need to be careful too because I actually burned a finger on the brush - something I have yet to do on a straightener - trying to brush it like they did in the video. I did three passes on the same 2 inch set of hair and it didn't look any different. I tried various techniques really wanting this to work for me, but it did nothing at all to my hair. Perhaps those with thicker hair would have better success, but I can say that this product did not work for me and I would not recommend it to others.

  • Ryan - Some problems with the game

    Pretty good game. I only been playing it for 2 days, but there are some problems I've noticed with this.

  • Staci Hunsinger - Awesome as always!!

    Once again I am amazed at how awesome Brandy L Rivers is. She has captivated her audience once again with another great book in an equally great series!! I love how she took us back to the past to really get a good understanding of who Erik and Monique are. Passion, Love, Heartache, Hurt it all comes together in this book. I can't wait for the next one!!