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  • rmitoday - It really works

    I used to hit roaches with a broom until I've seen this cream and bought one. I made some strips of gel in kitchen was surprised because 5 minutes later roaches came out to enjoy this delicious cream. On next night I could count 10 or 15 dead roaches. Third night there were 3 dead. Now there is no roach in my kitchen.

  • Justin - Great beginners set!

    After doing extensive research on a gold set in the price range of 100-250 USD, I went with this one. Previously I bought a 120USD set from Walmart, I returned them after one game, not that they were terrible clubs, but I could feel the lack of quality. So i bought this set and they day it arrived (2days after ordering) I went and played 9 holes.

  • Terry - Great knife but the sheath hardware corrodes in saltwater

    I am writing this review after six-months of use. The reason for the missing star is due to the sheath having a knife-locking system made from a softer, metal that corrodes in saltwater. I love the knife and feel the knife alone is worth the price. It has everything I could want in a kayak-knife: Square semi-sharp tip, serrated edge, and most important, a recessed line-cutter on the back of the blade that will accept larger diameter cordages. The blade is nicely designed and has adequate heft that feels good in the hand, for a less-expensive, yet not cheaply made knife. While I have never drawn the knife for the use it was intended for, I have needed it for cutting cord and light prying. Now on to the sheath...finger-clasps that release the knife are made of some mild-metal and corrode badly in saltwater, even though I rinse everything I use in fresh water within an hour of getting home. I'm guessing I will need to discontinue using the sheath after a year because the corrosion will be advance enough to effect the integrity of the sheath. Had the option been available, I would have paid more for this knife with stainless steel hardware.

  • AlexandraLeaving - Moderate Lip Plumping in a Pretty Nude Gloss at a Great Price

    NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper in Angelina is a pretty and neutral nude lip gloss with "maxilip" peptides to improve your pout. I see moderate and temporary fullness of my lips after one application. The color is nice. There is a slight tingling that goes away after a few minutes. Great price. No unpleasant fragrance. Not too sticky or tacky. I also have it in pink.

  • Barkleygracie - Highly recommended!

    Success - works great for me! I am very white, with dark hair (and lots of it), and I have had really excellent results. The key for me has been consistency of the treatments. I tried it a few times two years ago, but didn't keep up with it. I decided to give it a real serious try again the past 6 months, and have been totally pleased. I used it on setting #3, and used it faithfully every 2 weeks for 3 months, then tapered off to every 3 weeks. Bikini hair - mostly gone; underarm hair - mostly gone; facial hair - significantly reduced. Facial hair is a bit trickier, as you really need to shave the hair so that the dark root is visible right at the surface; I'm not always willing to let things go that far. Every once in awhile, I get an error message when I start on my face (saying there is not enough contrast), but I just reset, start in the bikini area, and then switch to upper lip, and all is good, which is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. My first cartridge is about done, and am looking forward to starting on my legs when I switch to cartridge #2.

  • Dustin - Only reason I have not been using it is because ...

    Only reason I have not been using it is because it is a luxury. Very pricey so it is not something I can take regularly. After a few days of taking it, I noticed a huge boost in focus, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. If you have the funds, this product is worth it in my opinion.