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  • jonsie - Good for beginners and pro's alike.

    If your new to making beer or just want to make smaller test batches, this thing is perfect. I have been brewing beer for a number of years in "real" beer making kits. I find Mr Beer to be more convenient than the 6 gallon bucket "real" kits. They are easier to carry around (full) and I like making many different beers at the same time vs having a lot of one beer verity. Also the time to bottle 2 gallons is way faster than 5-6.

  • zemes - Durability issue (Old title: Never thought an espresso machine under $100 would be this good)

    Another update: this is terrible. I really didn't want to write a bad review on this product, but after the second one died within two months with the same symptoms (two lights blinking, and no longer pumps water), I genuinely believe this product has a faulty design that causes serious unreliability. I will not buy a third one.

  • Denise F. - Great Product!

    I really like using the Enhanced Payroll for my small business. I have less than 10 employees, and didn't feel it was worth it to pay one of the large payroll processing companies every week to do something that, with Quickbooks' help, only took me a few minutes a day. I also used Enhanced Payroll to file and pay my payroll taxes myself, which saved me even more money!

  • Melissa - !!Best Protein Bars I've Ever Tried!!

    This is not just another protein bar from another giant company with cookie cutter flavors and recipes. I generally hate protein bars because they are usually dry, which make them tedious to eat. Not to mention, most are loaded with cheap whey concentrate and soy proteins.

  • Andy - Honest review

    This is a honest review, as I was not given a discount for this product. The items were shipped as shown in the picture, but because of the quality, or lack there of, I had to deduct two stars. The flashlight itself gives off roughly 100-150 lumens even though it says 1000. I know the led used has that as a potential, but I was not buying an led that "could" go to 1000 lumens, I was buying a flashlight that was saying that it was 1000 lumens.