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  • Michael J. Dunphy - With diabetes nearing epidemic status

    This book is practically a must for all adults, especially those with a family history of diabetes. It not only explains how and where most of us go wrong with our eating habits, it also explains why their recommendations for changes to our eating habits can and usually will work.

  • Brad Potts - Horrible expereince trying to import files. Tech support overseas worst than unless.

    I brought this to download files from my credit union, into Quicken. I spent 3 hours tonight on "Quicken Chat" with some outsources entity and complied 9 pages of "Chat". I had to repeat thing multiple times. With all due respect to the many capable individuals overseas, I felt language comprehension issues interfered with comprehension and made this unnecessarily cumbersome and long. Now I cannot talk to anyone except on Mon-Fri on limited hours. Very frustrating. Are there standards for competency in this file or are we all just at their mercy?

  • Cinthia Rivera - My inspiration for going solo

    this book is filled with excellent information for anyone considering starting their own practice. I've written down many notes and I am working on starting my own law firms in a few months. Thanks to this book I feel confident.